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I will die

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My palmistry says that I might die early that is by 40 sometings I guess. My age now is within 25.


I am confused, all these days I lived like I will live for ever. Now I suddenly came to the realisation that I might live just for 15 to 20 years or even more.


But I am not sure whether to rely on palimstry. But I a very spiritual person and been a spiritual person for the past 5 years and will continue to be so in the future also.

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You will live forever as an eternal spiritual person but just not in this body. Death is for the body. At any moment we can be pullled from the body. Without warning. The intelligent accept this fact and view it as a test and a reminder that we should be thinking of Krsna at every moment. Our next breath is not even guarunteed. Don't think your body will last until 40 and then put off doing the needful which is becoming Krsna conscious.


The example has been set by one Maharaja Khatvanga in the Srimad Bhagavatam. He was informed of his impending death(he had a moment left) and then surrendered to Krsna in that moment.


You are lucky to get such a wake up call which has caused you alarm. We must all learn from Maharaja Khatvanga.

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I saw a famous astrologer in India many years ago. He said that I would have a serious accident at a certain age and lose sight in my left eye. Well, it didn't happen. Astrology, palmistry, clairvoyance, etc. are weakened in this age, like the potency of herbs. Ayurveda is a great science, but where are the great Ayurvedic doctors nowadays? Few and far between.

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No one was born with a contract for longevity. Some dont even make it out of the womb.


We remember that real quality of life is Krsna Consciousness, and makes quantity not important at all, in light of understanding ones eternal nature.


King Pariksit is our ideal, he got only seven days, and he did not hesitate or worry, or experiance any dread whatsoever. His response was "Who is the best person I should hear from about Krsna Consciousness"


So you got 15 years? Plenty of time, or ten thousand years is not enough, it all depends on the sincerity of the person on success of life, both in quantity and quality.

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And so will everyone else! Notice that your reader said might die! I am sure the reader did not say will die at 40yrs. It is all based on your genetic code, that is all the reader can see. There is a probability and I am sure it can be averted. From now to that age you will go through many changes and you will use up and create more karma. It is not cast in stone. In addition, we must all live as if life is short if we are to fully express ourselves. I could get hit by a bus crossing the street tomorrow. The shame is not in dying but going to the grave never knowing ourselves; still having our music and our genius unexpressed

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There are valid astrologers out there, I've met a few people who found out when they were middle-aged that everything that was predicted about them on their time of birth came true.


I'm not sure how valid palmistry is though.


And no, the astrologer doesn't just see your genetic code, he sees your karma. Thing is, the future is more or less indeterminate. You can change what's not set in stone, and most of the future's not set in stone. The very fact you know about when you might die might help you avert it if you take a course of action to avert it, like maybe visiting doctors regularly for physical checkups as a result.


A lot of people also don't follow what is written about them, though and their astrological charts prove false, so there isn't that much to worry about. Most astrologers are fakes, some are real though.


Also, try chanting and taking up spirituality even further, because God is there to help change the future if you wish it to be changed for you. He is there to protect you if you wish Him to protect you.

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Haribol friend,

well, our futur is "sort of pre destined" according to our previous karma. So if he/she(astrologue) says you gonna die at say 40yrs old means your previous action(karma) wasnt that "good", you might have committed something in your previous life which have for consequence of you dying at 40yrs old in this present life.

Now bear in mind another important fact, in this age of kali yug, there is very few people who can actually really forsee the futur. In previous yuga, yes you should have taken this astrologue very seriously.

The solution:

Now assume that in the very unlikely event that this astrologue can really forsee the futur in this age of kali, then you might wonder how to actually "cheat the system" and live longer.


Lets see, as I said above, futur is karma related. So if you can somehow clear that karma in your previous life which has resulted in you dying at the age of 40yrs old in this life, then it means you would then live much longer. Now the question is how to clear that karma? Well, from what i have read so far, all your sins(however bad they might be) are all cleared if you can sincerely say the name of Hari or krishna. Thats all! So chanting this mantra "HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAMMA HARE RAMMA RAMMA RAMMA HARE HARE" is said to be extremely powerful that when chanting with pure heart all accumulated sins are destroyed.

There are many gods or demigods if you prefer that can grant you any wish if you do penance, but to my knowledge none can change your karma. Only krishna can.


So, chant the above mantra and clear any bad karma you might have accumulated in your previous life. I have heard that usually you dont ask krishna to grant you this and that(no material benefits), but nevertheless it is actually much better to ask krishna(even material things) rather than asking the demigods.


In conclusion, if you wanna live longer, simple, chant the hare krishna maha mantra and ask krishna that you wanna live longer (In case that astrologue might be right). Bear in mind that krishna never refuse a pure devotee's desire. So my dear friend if you can become a pure devotee, well you can have anything. But then, being a pure devotee you would only want krishna nothing else :D.

Jai Radhe

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