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Deities found smashed in suburb temple

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bodily pain? That's the question. Even if I say all this is a dream, the pain doesn't go away, right? If someone cuts my arm, I shall feel pain, irrespective of whether there is a spirit soul behind it.

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There are various methods for going past physical pain. Drugs and herbs, hypnosis, learning how to distance your self from the concept of even being in pain in the forst place by understanding you are not the body.


Some just learen to tolerate it. A boxer fighting with a broken hand or nose, a warrior battling on with a sword slash to his shoulder or an arrow lodged in his body. I have heard torture victims say that afterall all goes numb.


I would be more the drug and herb type. I hate pain.


The final solution is to stop taking birth in the world of pain. We are tricked into this trap by the promise of pleasure. The mouse just wants the cheese and doesn't recognize the trap until its to late.


Developing knowledge means to learn to see the trap and not fall for it.


Yes chanting eradicates karma's. The example given is like if you unlug a fan it stops but do to past momentum it still rotates a little. The trick is not to plug it back in or just turn it down to low by chanting while trying to also maintain material life.


Eventually we want to become clean of the deire to engage in karmic activities Not like the proverbial elephant who bathes only to splashing dust on himself when he gets back on shore. We need to get clean and stay clean by living clean. Clean means for Krsna's pleasure.


We are p[art of Gos afterall so why should we live covered by karmic filth? That is disrespecting our self and the Supreme Self.


Krsna consciousness is the only truly self respect or self esteem philosophy.


Always remember it is not just us and some magic mantra that we are trying to work just right to get the proper result.


The maha-mantra is personal, Krsna Himself, and only He can reveal Himself through and as His name.


This should be very encouraging to us.

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I don't believe anyone said Hindus are fanatical. They were talking about Christian fanatics who smashed idols in a TN temple, disregarding hindu sentiments.

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