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Maybe it's something 'in the air' (devotees getting moody and seeming to drop out of the forum circuit)but although I mostly read the forums and don't really feel like responding much, I noticed that you, 'Theist' (aka M.)were conspicuous by your absence and felt a little sad to think of the possible reasons why you were no longer posting.


Strange how some of us have never met in this lifetime but have formed an invisible bond of camradarie over the years.


Even though you and I used to sometimes get in heated disagreements at times (particularlly on the old VNN forums) I have come to appreciate your KC and your senses of humour. I am also relieved to see that you are 'in one piece' and still here.


a big devotee hug for you








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Thanks Bhaktavasya. I had also noticed that you had really pulled back over the last year yourself. We have to keep the conversation going. As far as our disagreements go I can't remember what they were even about. I was right though. /images/graemlins/wink.gif


Haribol soul

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