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Believe it or not.......

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Hare Krsna everyone. Long time no post. I hope all is well. I am doing well, just dropped by after something caught my eye and thought about what a better place then this to discuss this.



I just saw an episode of "Ripley's believe it or not" where at a temple RATS are worshipped. Yes RATS. Apparently they are reincarnated people and there are white rats too who are reincarnted sons of some goddess. Apparently the rats are never harmed no kicked out from the temple and the food that the rats eat are eatan by the devotees there as prasadam or something.



People really should read the Bhagavad gita. Why worship a rat or some goddesses sons who have reincarnated as rats, why not worship krsna.



Sounds preety tamasic to me.


Anyways, what is the vedic idea behind all of this and what about the rest of my fellow devotee opinions?


Rats being worshipped......Believe it!


Hare Krsna



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I know the temple you are talking about. Have seen it on TV many times. Its a temple in Bikaner, Rajastan(INDIA). I am not sure abt the deity in that temple. Might be Durga I guess!!!!!

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I agree with you Haridham that we should all worship Krishna, but it is also important to respect past traditions and practices. The Lord has various forms and this temple you are talking about seems to be a Ganesh one. As we all know, demigods are partial representations of the Lord and as such, there is nothing wrong in paying one's respects to a demigod, as long as you realise that Krishna is supreme, all is well. Even Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu would often go to temples of Lord Shiva to offer his obeisances. Serving the Lord is important, but serving the servant of the Lord is even mote.

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true, prabhu, but some of those that worship the demigods, actually think of the demigods as Supreme. Say, for instance, it is an offence to say Lord Shiva or Lord Brahma are equal to or higher than Krishna. however, some people may be offended if they are told this.


so, hinduism is called by many "the unorganized religion."


one should serve the servant of the lord, yes, but not treating the servant of the lord as if he were more important, or superior or equal to Krishna. serve the servant of the lord in a sense that Krishna will be happy by this, not that i am serving Krishna directly.


yes, it is good, but to a limit.


hope that isn't confusing.


Hare Krishna

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yep i seen the programme too, on discovery channel or something a while ago. Quite perplexing and bizarre, seems very dirty too.


The temple is actually a Lord Ganesh temple, and because the rat is the vahana (vehicle) or Lord Ganesh, they treat it with respect, and so it seems to have gone way out of control. I was getting itchy just watching the programme, and yet there were peopple sharing prasad with them.


I guess we must respect old traditions and such things, but this was dirty, a mandir is a holy place and should be clean. People believe in different forms of Krishna Bhagavan, and we must respect that. I believe in all different forms of Lord Krsna and all Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh are all ONE Supreme Lord.


This is what im unsure about and a bit confused, and something i want to ask, do the followers mostly involved with ISCKON only think that KRSNA is God, i mean we all do, but do you not consider forms such as Lord Gansh or Lord Shiva as God? It whens you ask questions like why do they not worship only KRSNA that i get confused


I would be grateful if you could clarify this, no offence ment to anyone, after all i am also a believer of Supreme Krsna Bhagavan.



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I wouldn't be surprised if this was the same "Guest" on the "Sanskrit Veda" thread.



Nope, not me. I have no idea what was in that message. By the time I saw it, the moderator had deleted it. Judging by the "graphic" response, it must have been bad.


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