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Devotional poems

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I read poems by bhakti lata. I like them. Not just like, I love them. I am starting this thread so that she can post her poems here. That way others can read her beautiful poems at one place.

If other members want to post devotional poems, please do so in this thread.

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Thank you, Avinash Prabhu


This is a good idea. By posting the poems under one thread I dont need to then keep looking for responses ;-) in several threads which keep moving down down and down :-( !


In the absence of comments, i am satisfied to see the number of views :-). I am happy to know that you liked them so much.


As i said in one of the threads, I have recently discovered this forum and i am thrilled to be associating with devotees , reading others and sharing my thoughts.


Once again, thank you very much.




ps - i will the poems here later when i have more time at hand. in the mean time, if the administrator of this forum can move the poems to this thread, that will be very much appreciated by me. thank you.


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Guest guest

I once was lost

in a pool of my own illusion

Drowning in the waters of my own describtion.

What I thought was real, was fake.

What I thought I did, i never done.

What I thought there was, there wasen't.


My long ride on this platform of cells,

almost came to a stop.

I realized, there is nothing for me to do.

Besieds to jump.


A friend arose,

from the jungle filled with snakes and monsters

What he had, was a book, that I read.

The book was filled with knowledge

that lead to the final destination

which everyone had.


The world seemed to change

the gaia, I can see

and now I stand on this big field

with one huge tree

that gives me fruits that everyone eats

I never could reach high enough for the fresh fruits

always had to pick whatever fell on the ground.


Now I realize, I should not eat at all

The lord is inside of me, one great pal.

He helped me rise above the tree

To eat as muches I could see.


I feel graced by krishna

bringing me joy, where there is no.

Helping me get up, and down

and whichever way I choose to go.

And I must bow down, with my own will.

As krishna graced me, and you as well.


I was nothing and became everything.

And now I know, our minds are one.

And our spirit is eternal.


hare krishna

I just made it up.

Sorry if is kinda, eh, not good.

Oh well

Hare Krishna, graced by the lord.

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I would like to post on this forum some of my devotional poems which I write as my spiritual master has ordered me to dove-tail my writing skills in the service of Krishna.


Here's my humble attempt to express my devotional feelings in poetry.


<font color="blue">

* Lost Soul *


So lost I was in

worldly matters,

I looked for diamonds

amidst the trashes.


So lost I was in

chasing illusion,

I got entangled

in webs of confusion.


Entangled I was; yet

thought I was free.

I had chained my soul;

only my senses were free.


When senses were pleased,

I thought it was 'joy'

Little did i know that

it was all maya's ploy.


Obeisences to my guru

who opened my eyes,

Who burnt my ignorance

and showed me light.


Now that I have found

my soul's lost place.

I'm no more in a rush,

and no more in a chase.


Tears of gratitude

wash down my face

As i realize oh Lord!

Your Infinite Grace.

</font color>



8 Aug 2003

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a poem on Radha's pining love for Krishna which i have written as my humble devotional offering to Krishna. Picture is courtsey of the art gallery on the website krishna.com.


Posted Image



<font color="purple">

oh bumble-bee!

hear my plight

i pine for Him

day and night

my days seem

without a light

stars have also

lost their shine

barren is every

night of mine.


oh bumble-bee!

go to Him and

tell my plight

tell Him how

my soul untied

wanders about

like a lost kite

tell Him how

my teary eyes

yearn and thirst

for His sight.


oh bumble-bee!

wait to hear a

melodious tune

under shining stars

and smiling moon

look around and

stop please

once you find

joy and peace

look for the bees

and birds in bliss

these are the signs

you must not miss

of the place that

has won the

heart of His.


oh bumble-bee!

no sooner you find

His handsome sight

convey to Him my

sorrow and plight

go and give Him

my sad tiding

and return to me

with glad tiding.



</font color>


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<font color="blue">

Prayer of the trapped and encaged...

Oh Lord! trapped and encaged in this world material,

i am the lowest of lowest of lowly creature.

Carrying with me so many tattered baggaages,

That i've been collecting past so many ages.

i want not wealth nor love as blessing,

i pray that I burn in the fire of suffering.

More baggages would be burnt, the more i suffer,

Each time i suffer, i come to You one step closer.



</font color>


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another offering of my devotion to the ultimate heart stealer...Lord Krishna.

Picture is courtsey of art gallery at Krishna.com.


Posted Image


<font color="blue">

look at the

ultimate heart stealer!

sneaking and

stealing all that butter!

can u see beneath

His pranks n jokes

that He constantly

plays on us lost souls?


the Owner of everything

that one can own

the Lord of everything

that one can lord

as He pretends to be

the stealer and thief

He must be amused

at our tendencies

to claim ownership

and be the chief

of things

that we neither own

nor can lord.


the sparkle and twinkle

seem to beckon

through His eyes

"awaken you sleepyheads!

to the light of truth!

awaken from the slumber

of your lies!"



</font color>


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<center> <font color="red">

* Creeper Plant of Love *


<font color="green">

It all began with

discovering a few

seeds of faith

hidden deep inside

the soul that was

covered over with dust

from past so many ages ....

......few showers

of love

and some

sunshines of

guidance later.....

the seed began

to sprout....

.....and with


nurturing and

watering of


the seed

is beginning to grow.....

into a Creeper Plant

of Love....

a Creeper


grows and grows

in length

and creeps

and entangles

and aspires for

the Lotus feet

of The Supreme Lord...

the Love for

the Supreme Soul..


..in the process

entangles and

winds around


and everyone

that comes along

its way.........and

bears the

flowers of joy

that never shrivel up

and dry


fruits of happiness

that hide within

many more seeds

of the same

Creeper Plant of Love.


<font color="red">


</font color>


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<font color="blue">

Who am I?


I am not my face that I see in the mirror

I am not my name that I always sign under

I am not my mood that keeps changing its colour

I am not my emotion that changes like weather

I am not my pain or sorrow or pleasure

I am not even the things that I often desire

I am not my hopes, dreams and ambitions either

I am.......I am.....hmmm...hey....now I remember!

No body I am, I've been and will be a spirit forever

That remains unchanged whatever be the matter.



</font color>


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Here's another perpective that i originally wrote in Hindi. I present the same with translation.


"main kaun hooN?"

maiN = I

kaun = who

hooN = am

[who am I?]


<font color="blue">

boond aik saagar kii

jo maya ke greeshm se

hawaa ho gayii hai



a drop of an ocean

that by the heat of Maya

has been vaporized



kiran aik sooraj kii

jo agyaantaa ke baadaloN

meiN chhip gayii hai



a ray of a blazing sun

which has been covered over

by the cloud of ignorance



ansh aik sampoorN kaa

jis se sambandh apnaa

bhool gayii hai.



part of a whole

the connection with whom

is forgotten (by the part)



aik aisee dhoban

jo Hari naam ke jal se

apnaa mailaa aaNchal

mal mal kar

dho rahii hai



a washerwoman

who using the pure

water of Hari Naam

is vigorously

washing her

soiled saarii



</font color>

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Guest guest

Dear mataji, wow this poem, has touched my heart.

All glories to you, thank you very much.

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Thank you Avinash Prabhu.


Here is a an addition to the list.







<font color="blue">

Unique Equation of Devotion



is an expression

of affection and adoration

to The Lord - the original Creator of all creation

He always reciprocates our love in proportion

not in direct proportion to the amount that is given

but rather in inverse proportion

to the amount that is held back and not given.

Such is the unique equation

of Devotion.




</font color>


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Guest guest

Simply excellent. You are very good with your words, thank you, for me your poems are very powerful.



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All Glories to all you devotees who have been relating to my devotional outpourings. Each time i have a realization i feel like penning it down in the form of a poem and share it with everyone. You know how we get that ahhaaaa feeling when a realization dawns upon us....and we feel like telling the whole world ...that this is what bhakti is all about :-) ? In moments like that i compose my poems...but until now i didnt have an audience who could get what i was on about coz i was showing it to karmis. But the feeling of sharing these with devotees is just so powerful and reinforcing.


Once again all glories to you all for your notes ...it is heartening to know that devotees can relate to my words and thoughts.


Hare Krishna! Govinda!!!



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wow! Avinash Prabhu that is indeed very kind and sweer of you ! I am touched. I am so pleased to know that there is someone in the forum who knows Hindi. You have done a splendid job of transcribing - no spelling mistake except one minor where u have spelt Hari as Harii (with long sound).


Here is another Hindi poem with translation....I hope you all like this.


<font color="blue">


<font color="violet">

din tau beetaa karat chaakree

raat bhii liyaa nahiiN naam Hari

pal pal yooNhee beetaa jaaye

jeevan kaa ghaT reetaa jaaye.</font color>


The day is gone serving some karmii

The night is gone without the name of Hari

Each moment is thus passing by

My life is thus receding by


<font color="violet">

dukh-chintaa kee aag prabal hai

Hari naam se har kaam saral hai

man abhimaanii samajh naa paaye

naahak aag meiN jaltaa jaaye.</font color>


Fire of troubles is hot and blazing

Hari Naam makes everything easy

My egotistical mind does not get this

And continues to burn un-necessarily


<font color="violet">bhool gayee jab rishtaa Hari se

dukh kaa praarambh huvaa tabhee se

Sri Guru jis par kripaa barsaaye

use bhoolaa rishtaa yaad aa jaaye</font color>


The day I forgot my relationship with Hari

Marked the eve of my sorrow and worry

On whom the blessings of Sri Guru pours

the forgotten ties with Hari is recalled.


<font color="violet">

smaraN Hari kaa rahe humeshaa

chaahe sukh ho yaa ho kaleshaa

dil darpan se jab dhool miT jaaye

Hari ke ras kaa aaswaad mil jaaye.</font color>


May I remember the Lord always

Be it happy times or unhappy days

When the mirror of heart is cleansed

The nectar of Hari is then relished




</font color>

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here is a poem that was written to express my surrenderance to the Lord.. first in hindi later translated in english.


<font color="green">

chanchal paagal manvaa re

dukh kaa dukh kyoN kartaa re

sukh aayaa jab bhii dwaare

too naam Hari kaa bisraa re

dukh hee teraa haath dhare

Hari ke sharaN le jaataa re

dukh usko hee miltaa re

jo hai Hari ko pyaaraa re

chanchal paagal manvaa re

dukh kaa dukh kyoN kartaa re

</font color>


the english translation of the poem is


<font color="blue">

Oh restless and crazy mind of mine

why are you grieving over your grief

each time happiness came at your door

you never remembered to take the holy name of Lord

It is the grief that holds your hands

and leads you to the lotus feet of The Lord

suffering is given only to those

who are dearest to the Lord

(as He is too eager to burn their karmas)

So restless and crazy mind of mine

why are your grieving over your grief.



</font color>

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You are right. I had made spelling mistake. Thank you for mentioning. I have corrected the mistake. I had typed in a text editor. Using print screen, created a jpg file and attached the jpg file here. But, I forgot to save the document in the text editor. It is extremely difficult to make the correction in jpg file. In order to correct the mistake, I had to type everything once more. Hope I have not made another mistake. Anyway, now I have saved the document.

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Guest guest

adharam madhuram vadanam madhuram

nayanam madhuram hasitam madhuram

hRdayam madhuram gamanam madhuram

madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram


"His lips are sweet; His face is sweet;

His eyes are sweet; His smile is sweet:

His Heart is sweet; His gait is sweet;

Every single thing about the Lord of Mathura is completely sweet!


vacanaM madhuraM caritaM madhuraM

vasanaM madhuraM dalitaM madhuram

calitaM madhuraM bhramitaM madhuraM

madhurAdhipatim akhilaM madhuram


"His words are sweet; His acts are sweet; His dress is sweet;

His posture is sweet. His walk is sweet, and His wanderings are sweet.

Every single thing about the Lord of Mathura is completely sweet!"


veNur madhuro reNur madhuraH

pANir madhuraH pAdau madhurau

nRtyaM madhuraM sakhyaM madhuraM

madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram


"His flute is sweet; the dust of His lotus feet is sweet.

His hands are sweet; His feet are sweet. His dancing is sweet;

His friendship is sweet. Everything about the Supreme Lord of

sweetness is sweet."


gItaM madhuraM pItaM madhuraM

bhuktaM madhuraM suptaM madhuram

rUpaM madhuraM tilakaM madhuraM

madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram


"His song is sweet, His drinking is sweet; His eating is sweet, His

sleeping is sweet. His beauty is sweet, His tilaka is sweet. Every

thing about the Lord is completely sweet."


dharaNaM madhuraM taraNaM madhuraM

haraNaM madhuraM ramaNaM madhuram

camitaM madhuraM zamitaM madhuraM

madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram


"His acts are sweet, His delivering is sweet,

His stealing is sweet, His enjoyment is sweet.

His heartfelt outpourings are sweet, His peace

is sweet. Everything about the Supreme Lord

is fully sweet."


gunjA madhurA mAlA madhurA

yamunA madhurA vIcI madhurA

salilaM madhuraM kamalaM madhuraM

madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram


"His Gunja necklace is sweet, as is His garland.

His Yamuna River is sweet, her waves are sweet,

and her waters are sweet. The lotus flowers are also sweet.

Everything is completely sweet about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord of sweetness."


gopI madhurA lIl A madhurA

yuktaM madhuraM bhuktaM madhuram

dRSTaM madhuraM ziSTaM madhuraM

madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram


"His foremost devotees, the gopis, are sweet. His pastimes

are sweet. Meeting with Him is sweet. Being enjoyed by

Him is sweet. Being noticed (seen) by Him is sweet. His

character is sweet. Simply everything about the Lord of

sweetness is all-sweet."


gopA madhurA gAvo madhurA

yaSTir madhurA sRSTir madhurA

dalitaM madhuraM phalitaM madhuraM

madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram

madhurAdhipater akhilaM madhuram


"His cowherd friends are sweet; His cows are sweet.

His cane is sweet; His creation is sweet, His

destruction is sweet, and His fruition is sweet.

Everything about the Supreme Lord is totally sweet."


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thank u Avinash Prabhu


how do u convert text file into jpg??? u have done such a good job!


r u in india? i am visiting india in a few weeks. would love to meet some vaishnavas if i can.


please email me your details if u would like to meet and organize a hari katha.


Govinda !!!!



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