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Visnu Avatars only in India?

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Today is the grandest festivals of all, for Malayalies world-wide

And the area well-knit community of people, more than thirty million plus

For them is Onam today, the day they cherish

The memories of an Emperor so great.


The legend has it that five millennia back

The benevolent Mahabali, king of kings

Grandson of Prahlad, the Pious

And great grandson of Hiranyakashipu of Narasimha fame

Ruled from the Southern tip of this land,

The land that was the splendor and wonder of the East.


King Bali (peace be upon him) ruled his subjects so great

Poverty, corruption and deception were unknown in his land

People were happy, peace and prosperity blessed them all.

The king was so pious and so magnanimous

That he touched no water and food

Till he made offerings to the learned and the needy.


Ably guided by his Guru, the great DanavaAcharya Sukra,

The awe and envy of the Deva clan,

Mahabali ruled well, his name and fame spread far and wide.

True to their nature, the rulers of Deva clan

Panicked and pissed, for they knew that in a battle royal

They cannot humble down the Chakravarty of the Asuras great.


Devised a deceptive and treacherous plan

Send a man in the guise of a Brahmin boy

Sought a commitment from Bali, a great man of word

To trample him, down trod him to a world not yet seen by you and me!

The pious and magnanimous King (peace be upon him)

Requested for a word, that he be allowed to visit his subjects once in a year.


Hear ye men, my king yearned to visit his SUBJECTS one a year!

Not his spouse, children, near and dear ones

For, the dearest of all, to the king of mine were his subjects!

A love unseen in politicians of these days.


So my friends here and my countrymen

The Chakravarty ( Peace be upon him), who rules till over my mind,

Was so treacherously murdered

The same way the North Indian king back-stabbed

Another Bali, the king of Kishkindha

Now it is the time of demos and cratos (the voice of the people is the voice of God)

And people, ye judge, whether justice was done or brazen injustice meted out.


And this day we rejoice, because he is coming

Coming to meet his people, so dear to his heart.

Greetings, greetings to Malayalies all over the world

For the king is coming, to inquire the welfare of his subjects.


Stories are made, histories concocted

They make us believe that Narayana, the Lord of All

Ccould be such a partisan One!













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