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Siddhi - material perfections

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DISCLAIMER: this is question out of curiosity, so pleaseeee no preaching.


Does anyone came across to the explanation some of the siddhi (material perfection).


SB has covered some of the explanations etc... but I'm sure there is more.


Devotees has automaticly attained all the siddhis - thats all right.... we do not care for this - in matter of fact we using one of them (prapti siddhi?) simply by reading this question from me even though i'm in USA and you may be in NZ or india...


But in this case there is explanation to this siddhi like internet TCP/IP blah blah


So but there must be somehting like this explanation, like TCP/IP of laghima siddhi or something. Anyone care to explain what they heard about maghima, laghima, .... siddhi



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Guest guest

Dear JNdas,


when will you put more of those mystical experiences of one of your sadhakas. We would like to know what happened next in the Himalayas.


Thank you

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Jahnava prabhu, you wrote in tattva12.htm :

<< To revive this latent siddhi you will need to take up mantra upasana very seriously. At present we are shifting our library from one location to another, so all of our manuscripts are in trunks. After one or two weeks, when the shifting is over, I will be able to provide you with the necessary mantra and yantra for prapti siddhi. >>


Could you pls provide more info on it.

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