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Power of Spoken WORD - from bible

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In course of my business I do meet with lots of people and in a USA fast majority of them are Christians.


And many of them talk abotu power of Spoken Word.


It is sounds and looks logical what really what the difference between ditch digger and billioner is really what they think, what they speak and how they spend their spare time.


Basicly who you are in life is determined how and what you speak. You speak Hare Krishna and you will be happy and if you speak Coca Cola and you get diabities...


But question is is there analogy to "the power of spoken word" statement in vedic literature....


Most direct quote which corresponds to this statement.


Closes I could get is from 11th canto instructions by avadhuta brahmana (my most favorite part of the Bhagavatam)

he gives example how batterfly achieves the form it desires.


Another of is "Shabda Brahman" souns vibration.


Any more ideas/references?

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