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How big you can DREAM?

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- Bhaktivinode Thakur - "I see whole world united under the umbrella of Lord Chaitanya's movement around the world".

- Hare Krishna is a common word in every household by 1975

- Ratha yatra fesival in most major cities in a world by 1980

- Hare Krishna Russian devotees have maha-kirtan on a Red Square in 1991

- 2005 1st Judge to wear tilaka on his forehead in USA

- 2010 US News Report headlines: IKSCON opens larges temple in a world in city of Mayapur, West Bengal India. 1,500,000 people chant Hare Krishna

- 2011 CNN News: ISKCON Food For Life is the biggest charity food distribution in a world outserving MCdonalds 100x times - By Rupa Raghunath das Vrindavana

- 2011 US News Reports: ISKCON Gurukula system accepted in US as most effective form of teaching.

- 2015 ISKCON GBC representatives in US senate

- 2016 US News Reports renamed - Hare Krishna World Report

- 2017 HKWR news: New city founded called Goloka Vrindavana, built in US exclusivly for ISKCON followers

- 2018 CNN Evening News: Cooking with Kurma das Jr.

- 2018 CNN afternoon News: Drutakarma and Dr. Thomson book (Forbidden Arhelogy & Human Devaluation) to be taught in all major US and UK colleges

- 2020 Hare Krishna becomes common word in White House.

- 2021 ISKCON members speacial ID card replaces needs for Passport and Visa for any country they go

- 2022 CNN News: Old smithsonian Air and Space Musium is replaced with Prabupada Musium. ("They never went on a moon" iMAX movie show Mon-Fri)

- 2023 All Legal Forms now requre to put name of your Guru along with SS Number

- 2024 CNN News renamed to AGTSP News.

- 2025 AGTSP News: This year ZERO crimes commited in USA

- 2025 VNN.com is getting zero hits for last 10 years and shuts down

- 2026 AGTSP News: From Police reports - Deity of Sakshi Gopal is missing from New Remuna, investigation continues

- 2027 AGTSP News: From Police reports - Deity of Sakshi Gopal which was missing from New Remuna walked to New Hastinapura Washington DC - Trikalajna das says: I requested Gopalji to come to bless my son's marriage. Investigators confused - Krishna das Kaviraji Adhikari reports.

- 2028 AGTSP Morning News: from 7:00am to 9am SB Canto 5 2.12

- 2028 AGTSP Evenign News: From 8pm-9pm BG 2.14

- 2028 AGTSP Late Night Movies: Hollywood: Mahabharata 1004 series with Arnold Swartznegger as Maharaja Bhishma

- 2029 AGTSP News: President of US wears Tilaka on every major conference

- 2030 AGTSP News: What is democracy according Prabhupada?

- 2040 last slaghterhouse is demolished.

- 2045 AGTSP News: Too many cows on D.C. streets

- 2050 Varnasrama is legally established in US , other countores follow.

- 2060 AGTSP News: Gurukula studets 5th grader invent "magic carpet" machine moved by mantra

- 2070 AGTSP News: Ashvamedhs yajna on a News tonight

- 2080 AGTSP News: Is it Golden age?

- 2100 AGTSP live Coverage: 5 Billion Christians, Muslims and Hare Krishna from around a world perform 24 hour sankirtana yajna chanting named of God!

- 2100 AGTSP news: Bhaktivinode Thakur - "I see whole world united under the umbrella of Lord Chaitanya's movement around the world".

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