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Sri Caitanya, The Supreme Comic

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"The word vivarta means accepting something to be the opposite of what it appears. Here, JagadAnanda PaNDita appeared very angry, but this anger was a manifestation of his great love for SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu. Prema-vivarta is also the name of a book written by JagadAnanda PaNDita. Therefore the author of SrI Caitanya-caritAmRta, KRSNadAsa KavirAja GosvAmI, uses the words prema-vivarta to refer to one who reads the book or hears about JagadAnanda PaNDita's loving dealings with SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu. In either case, such a person very soon achieves love of KRSNa." Here are those loving dealings between JagadAnanda PaNDita and SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu, from Sri Caitanya-caritamrita Antya-Lila Chapter 12.87-155:<blockquote>The previous year, JagadAnanda PaNDita, following the Lord's order, had returned to the city of Nadia to see SacImAtA.


When he arrived, he offered prayers at her lotus feet and then offered her the cloth and prasAdam of Lord JagannAtha.


He offered obeisances to SacImAtA in the name of Lord Caitanya MahAprabhu and informed her of all the Lord's submissive prayers to her.


JagadAnanda's coming pleased mother SacI very much. As he talked of Lord Caitanya MahAprabhu, she listened day and night.


JagadAnanda PaNDita said, "My dear mother, sometimes the Lord comes here and eats all the food you have offered.


"After eating the food, the Lord says, ‘Today Mother has fed Me up to My neck.


"‘I go there and eat the food My mother offers, but she cannot understand that I am eating it directly. She thinks that this is a dream.'"


SacImAtA said, "I wish NimAi would eat all the nice vegetables I cook. That is my desire.


"Sometimes I think that NimAi has eaten them, but afterwards I think that I was only dreaming."


In this way, JagadAnanda PaNDita and mother SacI talked day and night about the happiness of SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu.


JagadAnanda PaNDita met all the other devotees in Nadia. They were all very happy to have him present.


JagadAnanda PaNDita thereafter went to meet Advaita AcArya, who also was very happy to have him.


VAsudeva Datta and MurAri Gupta were so pleased to see JagadAnanda PaNDita that they kept him at their homes and would not allow him to leave.


They heard confidential narrations about SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu from the mouth of JagadAnanda PaNDita and forgot themselves in the great happiness of hearing about the Lord.


Whenever JagadAnanda PaNDita went to visit a devotee's house, that devotee immediately forgot himself in great happiness.


All glories to JagadAnanda PaNDita! He is so favored by SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu that anyone who meets him thinks, "Now I have gotten the association of SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu directly."


JagadAnanda PaNDita stayed at the house of SivAnanda Sena for some time, and they prepared about sixteen seers of scented sandalwood oil.


They filled a large earthen pot with the aromatic oil, and with great care JagadAnanda PaNDita brought it to NIlAcala, JagannAtha PurI.


This oil was placed in the care of Govinda, and JagadAnanda requested him, "Please rub this oil on the body of the Lord."


Govinda therefore told SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu, "JagadAnanda PaNDita has brought some scented sandalwood oil.


"It is his desire that Your Lordship apply a little of this oil on Your head so that blood pressure due to bile and air will be considerably diminished.


"He prepared a large jug of it in Bengal, and with great care he has brought it here."


The Lord replied, "A sannyAsI has no use for oil, especially perfumed oil such as this. Take it out immediately."


"Deliver this oil to the temple of JagannAtha, where it may be burned in the lamps. In this way, JagadAnanda's labor in manufacturing the oil will be perfectly successful."


When Govinda informed JagadAnanda PaNDita of this message, JagadAnanda remained silent, not saying even a word.


When ten days had passed, Govinda again told SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu, "It is the desire of JagadAnanda PaNDita that Your Lordship accept the oil."


When the Lord heard this, He angrily said, "Why not keep a masseur to massage Me?


"Have I taken sannyAsa for such happiness? Accepting this oil would bring My ruination, and all of you would laugh.


"If someone passing on the road smelled this oil on My head, he would think Me a dArI sannyAsI, a tantric sannyAsI who keeps women."


Hearing these words of SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu, Govinda remained silent. The next morning, JagadAnanda went to see the Lord.


SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu said to JagadAnanda PaNDita, "My dear PaNDita, you have brought Me some oil from Bengal, but since I am in the renounced order, I cannot accept it.


"Deliver the oil to the temple of JagannAtha so that it may be burned in the lamps. Thus your labor in preparing the oil will be fruitful."


JagadAnanda PaNDita replied, "Who tells You all these false stories? I never brought any oil from Bengal."


After saying this, JagadAnanda PaNDita took the jug of oil from the room and threw it down before SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu in the courtyard and broke it.


After breaking the jug, JagadAnanda PaNDita returned to his residence, bolted the door and lay down.


Three days later, SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu went to the door of his room and said, "My dear JagadAnanda PaNDita, please get up.


"I want you personally to cook My lunch today. I am going now to see the Lord in the temple. I shall return at noon."


After SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu said this and left, JagadAnanda PaNDita got up from his bed, bathed and began to cook varieties of vegetables.


After finishing His noontime ritualistic duties, the Lord arrived for lunch. JagadAnanda PaNDita washed the Lord's feet and gave the Lord a sitting place.


He had cooked fine rice, mixed it with ghee and piled it high on a banana leaf. There were also varieties of vegetables, placed all around in pots made of banana tree bark.


On the rice and vegetables were tulasI flowers, and in front of the Lord were cakes, sweet rice and other prasAdam of JagannAtha.


The Lord said, "Spread another leaf with a helping of rice and vegetables so that today you and I may take lunch together."


SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu kept His hands raised and would not accept the prasAdam until JagadAnanda PaNDita, with great affection and love, spoke the following words.


"Please first take prasAdam Yourself, and I shall eat later. I shall not refuse Your request."


In great happiness, SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu then accepted the lunch. When He had tasted the vegetables, He again began to speak.


"Even when you cook in an angry mood," He said, "the food is very delicious. This shows how pleased KRSNa is with you.


"Because He will personally eat the food, KRSNa makes you cook so nicely.


"You offer such nectarean rice to KRSNa. Who can estimate the limit of your fortune?"


JagadAnanda PaNDita replied, "He who will eat has cooked this. As far as I am concerned, I simply collect the ingredients."


JagadAnanda PaNDita continued to offer the Lord varieties of vegetables. Out of fear, the Lord said nothing but continued eating happily.


JagadAnanda PaNDita eagerly forced the Lord to eat so much that He ate ten times more than on other days.


Again and again when the Lord wished to get up, JagadAnanda PaNDita would feed Him more vegetables.


SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu dared not forbid him to feed Him more. He just continued eating, fearful that JagadAnanda would fast if He stopped.


At last the Lord respectfully submitted, "My dear JagadAnanda, you have already made Me eat ten times more than I am used to. Now please stop."


SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu stood up and washed His hands and mouth, while JagadAnanda PaNDita brought spices, a garland and sandalwood pulp.


Accepting the sandalwood pulp and garland, the Lord sat down and said, "Now, in front of Me, you must eat."


JagadAnanda replied, "My Lord, You go take rest. I shall take prasAdam after I finish making some arrangements.


"RAmAi PaNDita and RaghunAtha BhaTTa did the cooking, and I want to give them some rice and vegetables."


SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu then told Govinda, "You remain here. When the PaNDita has taken his food, come inform Me."


After SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu had said this and left, JagadAnanda PaNDita spoke to Govinda.


"Go quickly and massage the Lord's feet," he said. "You may tell Him, ‘The PaNDita has just sat down to take his meal.'


"I shall keep some remnants of the Lord's food for you. When He is asleep, come and take your portion."


JagadAnanda PaNDita thus distributed remnants of the Lord's food to RAmAi, NandAi, Govinda and RaghunAtha BhaTTa.


He also personally ate the remnants of food left by SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu. Then the Lord again sent Govinda.


The Lord told him, "Go see whether JagadAnanda PaNDita is eating. Then quickly return and let Me know."


Seeing that JagadAnanda PaNDita was indeed eating, Govinda informed the Lord, who then became peaceful and went to sleep.


The affectionate loving exchanges between JagadAnanda PaNDita and Lord SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu continued in this manner, exactly like the exchanges between SatyabhAmA and Lord KRSNa related in SrImad-BhAgavatam.


Who can estimate the limit of JagadAnanda PaNDita's fortune? He himself is the example of his own great fortune.


Anyone who hears about the loving exchanges between JagadAnanda PaNDita and SrI Caitanya MahAprabhu, or who reads JagadAnanda's book Prema-vivarta, can understand what love is. Moreover, he achieves ecstatic love of KRSNa.


Praying at the lotus feet of SrI RUpa and SrI RaghunAtha, always desiring their mercy, I, KRSNadAsa, narrate SrI Caitanya-caritAmRta, following in their footsteps.


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From Krishna Book:<blockquote>After this incident, Lord KRSNa and SatyabhAmA entered AmarAvatI, the capital city of the heavenly planets, and they immediately entered the palace of King Indra and his wife, SacIdevI, who welcomed them. KRSNa then presented Indra the earrings of Aditi.


When KRSNa and SatyabhAmA were returning from the capital city of Indra, SatyabhAmA remembered KRSNa's promise to give her a pArijAta tree. Taking the opportunity of having come to the heavenly kingdom, she uprooted a pArijAta tree and placed it on the back of GaruDa. Once NArada had taken a pArijAta flower and presented it to KRSNa's senior wife, SrI RukmiNI-devI. On account of this, SatyabhAmA had developed an inferiority complex; she also wanted such a flower from KRSNa. KRSNa could understand the competitive womanly nature of His co-wives, and He smiled. He had immediately asked SatyabhAmA, "Why are you asking for only one flower? I would like to give you a whole tree of pArijAta flowers."


Actually, KRSNa had purposely taken His wife SatyabhAmA with Him so that she could collect the pArijAta with her own hand. But the denizens of the heavenly planets, including Indra, were very irritated. Without their permission, SatyabhAmA had uprooted a pArijAta tree, which is not to be found on the earth planet. Indra, along with other demigods, offered opposition to KRSNa and SatyabhAmA for taking away the tree, but in order to please His favorite wife SatyabhAmA, KRSNa became determined and adamant, so there was a fight between the demigods and KRSNa. As usual, KRSNa came out victorious, and He triumphantly brought the pArijAta tree chosen by His wife to this earth planet, to DvArakA. After this, the tree was installed in the palace garden of SatyabhAmA. On account of this extraordinary tree, the garden house of SatyabhAmA became extraordinarily beautiful. As the pArijAta tree came down to the earthly planet, the fragrance of the flower also came down, and the celestial drones migrated to this earth in search of its fragrance and honey.</blockquote>


The whole dirt from Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.3.5:<blockquote><center>priyaM prabhur grAmya iva priyAyA

vidhitsur Arcchad dyutaruM yad-arthe

vajry Adravat taM sa-gaNo ruSAndhaH

krIDA-mRgo nUnam ayaM vadhUnAm


priyam--of the dear wife; prabhuH--the Lord; grAmyaH--ordinary living being; iva--in the manner of; priyAyAH--just to please; vidhitsuH--wishing; Arcchat--brought about; dyutarum--the pArijAta flower tree; yat--for which; arthe--in the matter of; vajrI--Indra, the King of heaven; Adravat tam--went forward to fight with Him; sa-gaNaH--with full strength; ruSA--in anger; andhaH--blind; krIDA-mRgaH--henpecked; nUnam--of course; ayam--this; vadhUnAm--of the wives.

Just to please His dear wife, the Lord brought back the pArijAta tree from heaven, just as an ordinary husband would do. But Indra, the King of heaven, induced by his wives (henpecked as he was), ran after the Lord with full force to fight Him.



The Lord once went to the heavenly planet to present an earring to Aditi, the mother of the demigods, and His wife SatyabhAmA also went with Him. There is a special flowering tree called the pArijAta, which grows only in the heavenly planets, and SatyabhAmA wanted this tree. Just to please His wife, like an ordinary husband, the Lord brought back the tree, and this enraged VajrI, or the controller of the thunderbolt, who because he was a henpecked husband and also a fool, listened to his wives and dared to fight with KRSNa. He was a fool on this occasion because he forgot that everything belongs to the Lord.


There was no fault on the part of the Lord, even though He took away the tree from the heavenly kingdom, but because Indra was henpecked, dominated by his beautiful wives like SacI, he became a fool, just as all persons who are dominated by their wives are generally foolish. Indra thought that KRSNa was a henpecked husband who only by the will of His wife SatyabhAmA took away the property of heaven, and therefore he thought that KRSNa could be punished. He forgot that the Lord is the proprietor of everything and cannot be henpecked. The Lord is fully independent, and by His will only He can have hundreds and thousands of wives like SatyabhAmA. He was not, therefore, attached to SatyabhAmA because she was a beautiful wife, but He was pleased with her devotional service and thus wanted to reciprocate the unalloyed devotion of His devotee.



EDITOR's NOTE: I changed "and this enraged VajrI, or the controller of the thunderbolt. cause he was a henpecked husband and also a fool, listened to them and dared to fight with KRSNa." to "and this enraged VajrI, or the controller of the thunderbolt, who because he was a henpecked husband and also a fool, listened to his wives and dared to fight with KRSNa." ....... gHari

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You know what the funny thing is, even though Krishna gave satyabhama the tree...


When she went to her garden and placed the tree, all the flowers of the tree fell into Rukmini's place.


The tree was Satyabhama's but the flowers were all for Rukmini.


This made Satyabhama know that Krishna is impossible to be influenced, but he can be easily controlled by Love .


Clearly, Rukmini's love for krishna was greater than that of satyabhama's.


Satyabhama is one of those wives who think that they can influence krishna but they really can't.


She even got married to krishna on the only accord of having a husband as her slave. So that she could tell him anything she wants and he will do it for her.


Krishna married satyabhama because he wanted love /images/graemlins/smile.gif


Whatever she told him, he would do it! but then again, one smile of his would make her so much love toward him that it was ecstacy. /images/graemlins/smirk.gif


I guess krishna comes to us and breaks our false ego when he wishes to have our devotion. /images/graemlins/laugh.gif


Satyabhama experienced alot of instances that made her think that she was inferior, but the true point was that she was overwhelmed with ego , thus lowering her love for Krishna in front of the love that Rukmini shows or Radha shows.


The same krishna who couldn't be defeated by people like Indra bowed down to Sudhama... and offered him great affection, because he showed love.


Krishna made it a dharma that you can control even God through affection and love /images/graemlins/grin.gif


Because , Krishna can only be controlled by love. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

true devotion and attachment to Krishna gives a free ticket to vraja. /images/graemlins/cool.gif

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More on the anger of SatyabhAmA from Srimad Bhagavatam 10.60.9-12:<blockquote>

As He contemplated her, the goddess of fortune herself, who desires only Him, Lord KRSNa smiled. The Lord assumes various forms to enact His pastimes, and He was pleased that the form the goddess of fortune had assumed was just suitable for her to serve as His consort. Her charming face was adorned with curling hair, earrings, a locket on her neck, and the nectar of her bright, happy smile. The Lord then spoke to Her as follows.


The Supreme Lord said: My dear princess, you were sought after by many kings as powerful as the rulers of planets. They were all abundantly endowed with political influence, wealth, beauty, generosity and physical strength.


Since your brother and father offered you to them, why did you reject the King of Cedi and all those other suitors, who stood before you, maddened by Cupid? Why, instead, did you choose Us, who are not at all your equal?


Terrified of these kings, O lovely-browed one, We took shelter in the ocean. We have become enemies of powerful men, and We practically abandoned Our royal throne.



SrIla VizvanAtha CakravartI comments on this verse as follows: "The Lord's mentality here can be understood as follows: ‘When I gave RukmiNI a single flower from the heavenly pArijAta tree, SatyabhAmA showed such a torrent of fury that I could not pacify her even by bowing down at her feet. Only when I gave her a whole pArijAta tree was she satisfied. RukmiNI, however, did not display any anger even when she saw Me give SatyabhAmA the whole tree. So how can I enjoy the nectar of angry words from this wife, who never feels jealousy, who is supremely sober and who always speaks pleasingly?' Thus considering, the Supreme Lord decided, ‘If I speak like this to her, I will be able to provoke her anger.' This is how some authorities explain KRSNa's speech to RukmiNI."


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Hare Krishna


A devotee of Radha-Krishna mentioned this to me-


That Sri Radha committed suicide jumped from Govardhana Hill, and went to the Sun planet then to Dvaraka as Satyabhama,


But another Sri Radha was still in Vrindavan!


As for the Jewel - Krishna gave it to Balaram to Madhumangal and He gave it to Sri Radha because of Gopis jealousy if Krishna gave it directly to Sri Radha.


I think its from the book Udhava Sandesh by Sri Rupa Goswami, but you need to buy it to find out..


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Guest guest

All these intricate preparations and plans to please the deity show the ability to recognize and serve the divine. If deities are not shown love and how they will be served we will not be able to be recognized as picking the divine over the demoniac. To pick a deity and prove that a devotee is worthy of recognition is an important step to spiritual success and a step towards understanding true opulence.

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