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Is it weird?

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Why is the rest of the world doing okay when the middle East wish to kill EVERY ONE! They are the one in the news for the last 10 years, They are the one with suicide bombers, They are the ones with hate ( NOT AMERICANS ), They are the one's who train young children at the age of 6 to kill other people. I have never seen a small child throw a rock or wave a weapon of anykind on the news here in America.


I write from Texas and have fought in the new Gulf War and i must say that i did keep my eyes on the small children during my my move through the place i was at. I grew with anger and fired my weapon more than i ever wished to. I preyed that someday America would rise up and make Terrorist attack's on the world. Oh....You don't like this do you? Well, it's going on right now and i feal tat-for-tat.....


America is being primed for the winner of terror! It is you the people that keep on pushing us and we will fight back point-BLANK! If you wish not to die then do not mess with us. I am trying to watch my speach here....


If you do not stop America will show terror like it has never seen before.



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we are Americans... and hare krishnas , the only terror we spread is the terror of love. We love people , does that make us terrorists? if it does then we are...


May be you should start checking out stuff on Hare Krishnas in the library... or some other place.


Most of them are Americans , Indians, British... and Asian Indian Americans...


You know Americans don't spread terrorism.. Neither do Indians ... nor do Asian Indian Americans.


It is an honest mistake from you though, people look at the color of Indians and then mistake them for coming from Middle east. then they see, Hare Krishna stuff and find familiarity with the Middle eastern Muslim religion, I don't know how but most people do.


I would expect, that you would write from good old south, because you have no idea who we are. /images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Hi, Its really wierd! Is it? You came to this forum and you talk about Muslims. This is Hinduforum, and also I can say as American Hinduforum, becos most of us are Americans or Indianamericans. At first, you should know, WHO IS HINDU, WHO IS MUSLIM, WHO IS BUDDIST, WHO IS JAINIST,WHO IS SIKH, WHO IS JEWISH, WHO IS SHINTO,WHO IS TAOISH, WHO IS WHO! AND WHO ARE YOU!

Our philosophy says that we are servants of God. If he is Christian God, Krishna or any name.

We go back to our God, by Devotion, Nonviolence and Selfless service. You are temporary guest of this world in any name but you are only atma of paramatma.



Paramatma never say to kill any atma.Paramatma never accept to kill any atma of his property. we believe that paramatma gives life and paramatma alone takes life on his own wish.

you should not use his name for fullfilling your wish to kill the innocent people and destroy the world peace.

Finally I would like to explain that this forum people are one of the peace protectors. thank you for coming to this forum and learning something.


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Haribol !


Krishnapriya nice to have you here.


Please note that one cannot kill atma , atma is neither created by anyone nor killed by anyone Atma belongs to paramathma , he is the father for all souls.


Krishna says about this in the second chapter of Bhagawat Gita


when Arjuna says he is worried about the sinfullness of killing others , Krishna says



Never was there a time when i did not exist , nor you , nor all these kings , nor in future shall any of us cease to be ."


One cannot get Sin by killing six kinds of people.


1) One who gives posion.

2) One who puts fire to the others house

3) One who attacks with deadly weapons.

4) One who plunders riches

5) one who occupies others land and

6) one who kidnaps wife.


You can please krishna by killing these kinds of people.


Killing doesnot mean one is killing others athma , Atma cannot be killed


" The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon , nor burned by fire , nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind "


" This individual soul is unbreakable and insoluble, and can be niether burned nor dried . He is everlasting , present everywhere , un changeable , immovalbe and eternally the same "


" It is said that the soul is invisible , Inconceivable and immutable. Knowing this you should not grieve for the body "


- Bhagawat Gita as it is - Srila Prabhupada


Madhava Kesava Madhana Gopala !



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we may be all different but one thing is true from the beginning to the end and that is that we are all one.

Always have been

always will be


i wish people would grow up and understand this

looking at the world today, it doesnt look like we have much time left...

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