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Nostradamus predicts Hindu victory..

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where can i read about this 9 or 10 number of avatars in detail on web? And also i remember that some rishi or maharshi gave shrap to shri vishnu thats why he has to take some 13 AVATARAS on earth. Is it true ?...Please provide link to me. Thanks /images/graemlins/smile.gif

hare krishna...(i believe 60% in him...increasing day by day) /images/graemlins/smile.gif

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Guest abhijeet

anti christ means the one who is having such a knowledge which will shake the concepts of christinity. christ world is well known to science so this third antichrist will win their religion by scientific religion. its true this person will arise from south india as 10th incarnation. his sword will b his knowledge, horse will b his followers who will spread his fame. this kalki incarnation will initiate spiritual revolution with his miracals so his fame will stuck to new world. our mind is kali so he will destroy this destructive mind which is a problem of todays humanity. mayan calander told in 2012 world will end but actually inner world is going to end and not outer world. so if we destroy near about 1 lack mind then 1 lack will become awakened, According to morphogenetic phenomenone if certain number of individuals r adapting a change then after some time whole species will automaticaly show that change. thus whole humanity will become awakened(free from kali it mean that selfcenteredness will vanish from world) For example certain viruses r showing resistance to some drugs in one continent then same species will show this resistance world wide after some time. this is called adaptation. so whole humanity will land up in new age after 2012 called as Golden age. If u put some curd in milk then whole milk will become curd this is the phenomenon. this is actually happened and still happening. this kalki is present right now in chitoor distrct andhra pradesh. visit at oneness university on google and u will get the third antichrist. kalki is a spiderman waiting for his time. god bless u. ur friend and awakened one.

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