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Devotion To God and Family

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Is it entirely possible for a woman to strive to serve God or Krishna, and do the things that is required to serve Him, and still do my duties that are required for my husband and family, which include cooking and preparing non-vegetable items? This is not the only issue, but a big part of it.. I know God knows what I feel in my heart, but sometimes I feel like such a hipocrite trying so hard to do things that I know in my heart are right, but still continue to do things, such as buying,preparing, and serving meat items for my family..It really has me torn, and I still am not certain what to do about it..And would you clarify once and for all, the confusion I feel if God, as Christians believe in calling him, and Krishna, are one and the same..I am very confused about this, mainly due to some of the other posters that are here, with so many different views..Thanks in advance.


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