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Comparative Hinduism

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Could you briefly compare Hinduism to other religions.



Hinduism is known as sanatana dharma, or the eternal path. It is not just a religion or faith, but is the constitutional function of the self. Faith can be changed from one religion to another, but the eternal function of the self cannot be changed. In simple words that eternal function of the self is service. Everyone engages in service to others, regardless of their religion or belief. This is the true essence of Hinduism, or more properly Sanatana Dharma.


Yours in service,


Jahnava Nitai Das,

Bhaktivedanta Ashram &

Bhaktivedanta International Charities


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J N Prabhu's answer is nice, but does not answer the question posed. So, please allow me to give some comparison

between Hinduism and Islam. I would use H: for Hindu position, I: for Islam position.


H: Everything belongs to god. There is only God.

I: Same.


H: God has form, and also is formless. He can take any form. He has many names and forms.

I: God is formless only. He has only one name - Allah.


H: Everything belongs to God, nothing is yours. Use only what god gave you, and do not take what is allotated to others. (isavasya idam sarvam..)

I: Everything belongs to Allah. Therefore, the property, wealth, life and resources that are in the possession of kafirs (all non-Muslims) are illegal possessions. Every Muslim has sacred duty to take that possession by any means, hook or crook.


H: Krishna says in gita 18th chapter: "..yat ichchhasi tathaa kuru". He tells dharma, but does not force, and gives freedom to each soul to take His advise or not take it. So, a Hindu says like Arjuna: karisye vachanam tava.

I will do as you advised me.

I: When one is born in a Muslim family, one is a Muslim only. There in no choice given to the child or adult to pick another religion. If he/she gives up Islam, then Koran says Muslims to kill him/her. Also, a Muslim needs to convert kafirs, even by the force of sword. If they kill, then Koran say the killers go to haven where they enjoy sex with 72 vergins. This they have done it for 1000+ pears in India and and have caused many Hindu genocide. Even now they ar doing it.


H: Hindus have no interest to take over another country's terrotery.

I: Islam has sacred interst to take over all the entire world and make it a Muslim world. Therefore, if you see history any where, you will see that wherever there is a Muslim, there will be conflict.


H: Hinduism is most tolerant. However, violence is not an absolute principle in Hinduism. When Arjuna said, "I will no fight," Krishna said, "You must fight adharma."

I: Islam cannot tolerate any other religion. You can see that in almost all Muslim countries, all religions except Islam are illegal there. Kafirs are persecuted there very badly.


H: M K Gandhi was a Jain at heart, not a Hindu. He was a politician first, and had some saintly qualities. He used jain principle of absolute non violence at the critical time of the history of Bharat, and screwed up the fate of Bharat. He ignored Krishna's message to fight Muslim adharma in 1947. Consequently he was shot by a Hindu intellectual and nationalist Godse just as Sri Prabhupada predictred in his letter to Gandhi.

I: Khan Abdul Gafar Khan of Afghanistan was know as a Muslim Gandhi. Hardly any Muslim has glorifed him. His methods are not in acccordance with Koran and Hadith. Bin Ladin, a true Muslim, is glorifed in the Muslim world.


H: Cow is sacrid, to be worshipped.

I: Cow is food. Pig is not to be killed.


H: Respect all religions and their temples.

I: Destroy all infrastrucre of other religions. Build mosques on top of destroyed temples.


H: Women are to be respected and protected.

I: Women are object for sex enjoyment and private proterty.

Women cannot go to haven or mosques.


There are so many vast differences.

Hinduism and Islam are exposed at mnay we sites.


If you see a good hindu, then he must be following Hinduism well. If you see a good Muslims, then he is not folloing Koran fully.


We knok that god is one, but the concept of god and his message given in differect books of religions are very different. This is a source of wars, which cannot be avoided in the material world. One just has to decide which side one wants to take. To remain neutral does not help either. If any Hindu (Vedic) aashram or instituton or temple thinks that by praising Islam or Muslims will secyre safety from Muslims, then it is a grave mistake. They will come there, sonner or later to do their sacred duty. To avoid this is to join in the dharma yuddha which can be fought at non violent level too. But if the Vedic culture has to be kept safe and sound in it's home land Bharat, then the aggresive ideologies should be removed from the land. This can be done non-violently but aggresively first. No violence if it can be avoided. The essence of Krishna's message is to fight adharma and win. He has guaranteed victory.


Jai Sri Krishna!



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