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Angels, baptism, creation, death, devil, God, heaven, hell, and prayer

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Jahnava Nitai Das

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Angels, baptism, creation, death, devil, God, Heaven, Hell, Prayer. What are your belief's on these topics, and what are your disbeliefs?

Thank you for writing with your questions.


Angels -


According to Hinduism there are 400,000 higher species of humans who live in heavenly abodes above the earth. Some of them may be referred to as angels. Their life span is many thousands of times longer than our own, and their enjoyment is much greater than ours. After they finish their accumulated pious results, they again are born on earth as humans.


Baptism -


In Hinduism the ritual of initiation is the closest thing to baptism. Initiation is the acceptance of a spiritual master or guru. The spiritual master must be a realized soul, for only such a person can help us become realized ourselves.


Creation -


Creation and destruction are constantly occuring on small and large scales. The bodies of the living entities are examples of constant creation and destruction of the individual unit, and the universe is an example of the constant creation and destruction of the cosmic whole. Just as the summer and winter seasons come each year, in the same manner the manifestation and destruction of the universe revolves in cycles.


Devil -


Lust is the embodiment of evil, and it resides in our intellegence, senses and mind. We must rise beyond the temptations of lust and gain firm control over our inner existence. There is no individual personality such as the devil, but when our senses are not controlled, they act as a personal devil for each of us.


God -


God is the supreme personality from whom everything emanates, by whom everything is maintained, and into whom everything goes when destroyed. Some have said the word God becomes and acronym for Generator, Operator, and Destroyer.


Heaven and hell -


Heaven and hell are subtle material realms where one goes after death to enjoy or suffer according to one's previous activities. As we sow, so shall we reap. Once one has enjoyed or suffered according to one's debt, one again is sent to the earthly realm for another chance towards liberation. Both heaven and hell are material realms, and neither offers a permanent solution to the problems of birth and death.


Prayer -


Prayer is a manifestation of purified sound. Sound is the source of our bondage within matter, and the entire material nature is created from the eternal sound known as shabda. Thus purified sound is the key to becoming free from the entrapment of the material existence. Such purified sound, or prayer, when directed to the Supreme Source, liberates one from bondage.


Yours in service,


Jahnava Nitai Das,

Bhaktivedanta Ashram

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