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Thanks and pranams

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Dear devotees,


Any good that has come to me in my life has been brought by you or those like you.


I justed wanted to thank you for that and recently for the travel tips,good wishes and inspiration to visit the holy land.


Both before in this section and recently I have been privilaged to receive your good blessings as they appeared in the various current threads.I can't properly thank you.


And the nerve of me to beg one more favor.Please forgive my many offenses: my arrogance,my coldness, my anger and harsh tone.How I pretend to know and understand when in truth I am just a tiny soul lost in darkness,lost to Krishna, myself and all living beings.How I have sought discord on these forums over unity and love.And how I have taken your presense so lightly.Please forgive me.


And, being shamless, I beg yet another.Please pray to Sri Sri Radhe Shyama to bestow Their mercy upon this ragged soul.


Hare Krishna


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Whatever one does in the holy dham is illuminated 1000 times prabhu so my selfish request of you is to whisper a favourable prayer for the lowly dasanudas so he might stop terrorizing others. By the time you see this you'll be in the land of wonder you lucky bhakta.

Jaya Sri RadheGovindasundara.

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Originally posted by Gauracandra:

Good luck on your trip and have fun. Give us a full report when you return. Haribol.



Hey, he might never return! We want weekly updates at the very least! My prayers and blessings come at a cost, prabhu! RR




[This message has been edited by valaya (edited 10-01-2001).]

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