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Astrological perspective

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Although I'm not a 100% astrological faithful

to those who stear by the stars, this perspective may be of some interest, below it is a link to their site which offers some services.



The Vedic Sky in October -- By Satrajit Majumdar


The Vedic Sky in October is full of retrograde planets, and this matches the somber and uncertain global picture of the world.


First, Saturn the ruler of 10th house, the house of king in the natural zodiac, and also the ruler of 11th house, the house of gain and fulfillment of desire, has already become retrograde on 27th October 2001, and will remain retrograde till 8th February 2002.


Then, Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication will become retrograde in Libra on 2nd October 2001- marking the end of rational thinking. Mercury will remain retrograde till 22nd October 2001. As a result, a lot of threats, allegations and conflicting statements as well as confused thinking will rule the day.


Sun will move from 6th house Virgo in the Vedic Sky, to its sign of debilitation in Libra on 18th October 2001. This may prompt the signal for the end of military preparation stage to the stage of direct action: Possibly, a military action as well as a special UN resolution, which would allow the coalition led by USA to make military strikes in Afghanistan.


But Sun represents the King and the Leader, and when Sun itself is debilitated, it becomes a challenge for the King to remain just and fair. That will be the challenge in front of our political masters across the Globe.


Mars will move to its sign of exaltation Capricorn and will become extremely strong and powerful: It will act like a gun in the hands of trigger-happy military Generals.


With Sun being in debilitation, political masters will have little control over trigger-happy generals.


Finally Venus the planet of grace, beauty and love will move to the fiery sign of Leo, whose ruler is Sun, an enemy of Venus, and who himself is drowned in debilitation.


And finally as the month comes to an end, Jupiter the planet of wealth and wisdom will become retrograde on 3rd November 2001.


By the Hindu calendar, 23rd October of this year is the day of Vijay Dashami Celebrations. In mythology, it means the Victory celebration on the 10th day of the battle when the Goddess Durga kills the demon Mahisasoor.


Goddess Durga is the image of female power or Shakti. In Hindu mythology Durga was conceived and empowered by all Gods to fight their battle against the evil demons. Ma Durga has 10 hands and each hand carries some form of a lethal weapon given to her by the different Gods to help her in this effort.


As the story goes, the demon goes into the battle changing its appearance many times in deceit, and is finally killed by the Goddess Durga while it assumes the shape of a buffalo.


In East India, particularly in Bengal this time is marked by a 4-day elaborate ritual of worship, and on the 10th day the image of Durga is immersed in the water.


In Northern India, it is called the Dussehra celebration. And the tradition here comes from the Indian epic Ramanya because Lord Rama invoked the blessings of Goddess Durga before he embarked on his battle with Ravana, an evil demon who had kidnapped his wife Sita and kept her as a hostage - a terrorist attack.


To mark this, on the 10th day, gigantic bonfire effigies representing the 10-headed demon Ravan, his son Meghnath and his brother Kumvhakarna iar built. Human actors then dressed as Lord Rama and his brother Laxman then shoot burning arrows into these effigies depicting a mock battle. Fireworks also are a part of this tradition as these huge bonfires burn into cinders.


Will the Vijay Dashami day on 23rd October be the Victory celebration day in the fight against Global terrorism? That is the question the world will be asking in October.


Will the free world emerge victorious? Will George Bush get the divine blessings in his battle against terror? Will there be clarity in the executive action during October 2001? Will the world have clarity and agreement on WHO IS THE ENEMY?


Just as in mythology, the demon here can take many shapes.


Will there be Celebration of Victory on Vijay Dashami day? My answer is -NO. However, the many speculative rumors that circulate today, will probably will get cleared a bit by 18th October 2001, when Neptune becomes direct and by 30th October, when also Uranus becomes direct. The confusion will probably end, and a strategy will emerge on how exactly the war will be fought against Global Terrorism.


IMF has already issued warning for Global recession. Will the OPEC be far behind to increase the price of oil?


I am afraid, I sound like a dooms day prophet but astrologically October 2001 will be the cruelest month of the year.


I conclude with this sobering prayer for all of us.



Thinking about sense- objects

Will attach you to sense-objects;

Grow attached, and you become addicted.

Thwart your addiction, it turns to anger;

Be angry, and you confuse your mind;

Confuse your mind, you forget the lesson of experience;

Forget experience, you lose discrimination;

Lose discrimination, and you miss life's only purpose.

The Bhagvad Gita



It gives us great pleasure to bring you this special service. Please log on to our website at http://www.cyberastro/com and make use of the many other free and paid services that are available to you as a member of this special community.

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