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New York City in Tears

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I got this from a friend via e-mail:


Thank you for your thoughts during this very dark day in our short history.

Sadness and shock prevail here as we are on our knees during the rescue efforts.


The enormous first plane flew over my apartment so low and loud, we knew they

were coming down. Almost instantly, on the TV, I could see the horror of the

first crash in building #1. As we watched in shock, moments after it happened, the second plane plunged into building #2.


Minutes later, I had to leave my apartment and was on my way to work as I watched in horror with a clear view from fifth Avenue and 19th Street. Depending how close you were, you could see people jumping from the top floors as the fireman ladders were

climbing up the side of the building to save them. The entire Avenue was

filled with humans screaming and crying as we watched the first enormous building come down before our eyes.


Over 250 extraordinarily heroic life

saving firemen and 80 policeman are lost after the buildings suddenly fell on

them as they were trying to save lives. Thousands and thousands of workers

from inside the buildings may be dead. Somehow many got out.


Miraculously, my cousin and friend who both work in the building made it out alive and are safe. Crying in the streets, the million of us will never live the same

lives again.


Upon waking this morning, I felt so vulnerable. I can't bear the thought of

terror in hearts of the children who did not have a parent(s) come home last night.


Today is a very sad heart breaking day. Thank you for thinking of our great city and the beautiful people who live here and those poor souls whom we have lost. I pray they find some more people alive today. As of 9-11-01 there is a new order here vulnerability, humility but also a strength of human spirit and a very empty feeling of tremendous loss.


All my love,




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I'm in New York. No tears in my eyes. Why?Because I know who's behind it all.

Same ones CNN keeps interviewing.

Same ones who tried to send us to Nam instead of HarinAm.

Just another snowjob.

Don't forget your longjohns, galoshes, wintercoat, gloves and warmest hat.

December 7th came early this year.

Father B forewarned us it would some 10 yrs ago.

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Get soem umbrellas. How disorganized can New York be when 2 Boeings attacked it in daylight when Newyork is the most watched and 2nd busiest city in the world. Note it is not the financial capital of the world. Bombay (MUMBAI) and Tokyo are.


I am disgusted at the military for being unable to stop this obvious tragedies.


Posted Image

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Country I was born in (Croatia) went through terrible horror in 1991. Overnight, so-called neighbours started to kill, rape and masacre others who are not Croats.


The whole city of Vukovar was distroyed, and many thousands of people killed. When Croatian government asked USA for help from this horror (which is not any different then this tragedy in USA), USA government said "we do not allow Croats to deffend themselves against Serbs". The message "Stop the war in Croatia" went to American government, but they had no ears.


Few years after, they bombed Serbia like anything, because they finally found out who the culprit was. It was too late for thousands of killed Croats and Serbs years before, and useless, because the bombing did not change a lot.


I am very sorry for all the victims from Sep 11. I know very well what Americans are coming through.


There is no one Bin Laden: there are more of them, much more. After the tragedy, they will grow and be more intelligent in making more damage to anything which is not Islamic.


In old history, for centuries Croatia had to fight Islamic people (Turks). Croat writer Andric even received a Nobal price for the book about vicious and cruel tactics of Turks. Croatia was a defanding wall between them and the West.


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Dear Gauracandra, I understand your mood, but there are no "good" and "bad" pastimes concerning Srila Prabhupada.


I am sure you agree that every moment of Srila Prabhupada's life is controlled by Lord Krishna and is auspicious.


I remember Srila Prabhupada mentioned it to devotees (I was born in 1965, so he did not say it to me personally), but I do not know to which devotees and when.

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Dear Gauracandra prabhu,

dandavat pranams.


Gauracandra prabhu said:

"Oh no, I've been mistaken for Caitanyacandra. This is almost as bad as when my co-worker said that for maximum sales she should put the candy bars next to my desk."


My humble pray to forgive me because you both share the name of Lord Caitanya. And because I wrote that at 300, tired. Now it is 5.00.


I just found a note that "Jaiva Dharma" has been published in english. I am planning to get one. If you agree, I can repent by sending you a copy.


Ys, Ydd



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Originally posted by Gauracandra:

Posted Image Oh no, I've been mistaken for Caitanyacandra. This is almost as bad as when my co-worker said that for maximum sales she should put the candy bars next to my desk Posted Image




PS Posted Image

Are you inferring that your co-worker calls you `Supercow`...? moooo!



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YazodAjI: I watched a film about Vukovar. Maybe you also saw?

Horrific. Like the end of civilization.

I have family from Omishaj, OtaKrk.

TEARS: Just to further prove our own U.S. government's total disinvolvement & absolute utter innocence, Bushwhacker's Administration has decided to hire and transport "Little Anthony & The Imperialists" to Kabul.

Why? To sing, to do a command performance just outside Bin Laden's cave.

Yes Folks, in an attempt, a last ditch effort to avoid battle, bloodshed, unnecessary violence, to try and lure him out by his own volition, like Pied Pipers, they'll be singing such Imperialists' Cave-dwelling Terrorist favorites as:

1) "I'm on the Outside Looking In"

(I don' wanna be, I don' wanna be, I don' wanna be, left on the outside if there's war...

2) "Tears on My Pillow" pain in my heart caused by you (or someone you know)

3) Take Me Back (in that cave with you)

4) It Hurt So Bad (to see you again)

5) Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop, Shimmy Shimmy Pop goes the Weasel (if we don't think of somethin' fast).

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Yes, Tarun prabhu, I have seen that movie about Vukovar. I was still in Zagreb when refugees came from Vukovar. They were all suffering from shock.


Today, many young men who were there commite suicides because they can not forget the experience. Just like those poor souls that rather decide to jump from WTC, then waiting for death.


Demoniac mentality against demoniac mentality.


I just remembered that once a Muslim was running after Srila Prabhupada in Calcutta with knife in his hand, trying to kill him. Can you tell us more about it?

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There was a movie called "Vukovar" which was about what happened in the city of Vukovar. It was directed, written, and starred people from the former Yugoslavia. The word "artsy" is a bit difficult to define, though usually art-house theaters carry "artsy" films. It usually has a lot of layers of symbolism, different sort of camera angles and perspectives. It may have more dialogue and less plot (though not always). The music, mood, and pacing of the film is very particular.


Anyways, the movie Vukovar was very good at giving a perspective on what the war was like. I don't recall it in particular detail but I do remember being affected by it. Definitely check it out.

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