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Divinely Dovetailed Dramas

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I'll pay admission price alright. Don't worry, I'll pay.

But not until (never before) flicks have titles like these:

1) Monty Python's Life of BrahmA

2) Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Name.

3) Angel's with Dirty Beadbags

4) Each Deha I Die

5) West Side Stotram

6) Bowery Bhais

7) Casabalaka

8) Gone with VAyu

9) As You Offer It

10) Samskara Muchi

11) West Side Stuti

12) El Siddha

13) Easy Raita

14) HemalatA

15) DvadasI Night

16) Gone with the Vata

17) Karttik If You Can

18) The Magnificent SevA

19) Madhyam Way

20) PT 108

21) TP 108

22) TC 108

23) Life of Ruchi

24) The Count of Mantra Japa

25) The Count of Mantra KIrtan

26) Taitreya (if u knew her, u'd agree)

27) Purab-Paschim - Yeast Meets West

28) TamoguN & Jerry

29) The RAmAnanda Rai Rajas Show

30) The Unsinkable MalatI Brown

31) Lassi

Can u guess whence came their original titles?

Any others tipping your transcendental tongue?

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Question posed above should be corrected, revised:

Can u guess whence came these slightly dovetailed drama titles?

Id est, can u recall their much mundaner origins? Par exemple:

32) A Tale of Two Siddhis

33) Man with a Golden Form

34) Man with a Golden Hue

35) Tamas, Diksa & Hari

36) The Sound of Musika-bhava

37) The Mission

38) The Misra

39) Brother Surya, Sister Madhurya

40) Brother RavivAr, Sister SomavAr

41) Omfellow

42) Hari's Day & Night

43) PrasAd Trap

44) Goldfinger

45) CintAmaNi Finger

46) Goldanga

47) 7 Years in TaTastha

48) You Can't Take It With You

49) A Tree Grows in Vraj

50) Saturday Night HarinAm Fever

51) In the NAbhI

52) Keep'em Flying

53) Bhakta Privates

54) Hello Dahl!

55) Hello Dahliya!

56) Upma the Dauji Staircase

57) What Ever Happened to Baba Jain?

58) To Catch a Taskara

59) It Happens Every Vasant

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60) U Can't Take Her With U; U Can't Take Him With U

61) Take the Laxmi & Run, The Ten Offenses,

62) Don't Eat the DevI-dAsIs, DevIs of Our Lives

63) Jijaji Girl, 108 Dalmations, 108 Donations

64) Hush Hush Sweet Sharma, Hush Hush Sweet Saranagati


66) Dr. SusrusubhiH: The Grinch Who Stole RAma-navamI

67) Dirty Rotten RAxasas; Dirty Rotten Scandals

68) The Musk, The MUDha, The Mantra, The Mosquito Net, The Maskquito Net

69) Adhama & Adhamatara, Manda & Sumanda


71) Men in ShyAm, Men in Back, Women in Back, Women in White

72) Manu in Black, Manu in Tights

73) RAvan Could, RAvan Would, RAvan Should

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74) In Key Largo, Edward G as Rocko represents Ki Lobha.

Humphrey - Ki LokanAth, Caribbean Sea - Ki LaharI (waves).

Thus, "Ki Laulyam" might be befitting.

The Greatest LIlA Ever Told; The Greatest KathA Ever Spoken

75) Clockwork Saffron, The Color Saffron, Saffron Submarine

76) Indiana Jones in the Temple of DhUma-ketum

77) Raiders of the Lost Archa-vigraha

78) Goldanguli, Dr Nahi, From Rasa with Luv, Thunderball Hariball

79) Goodbye Kaliyuga, Goodbye Mr. Chapala-sukha Chips

80) Indiana Jones & the Temple of Bliss

81) Indiana Jones & the Temple of Dugdha aka Milksweets Loka

82) What's New PuruSa? What's New PrakRti? What's New PuruSottam?

83) About Last Ratri, About Last Mela, About Last Kalpa, About Last Yuga

84) The KAm Story, The Prem Story, KAm in the Afternoon

85) BhUta, Bhoot, BhUtabusters, Bhootbusters, Hold That Bhoot!

86) Ben HAr, Ben HarA, Ben Hari

87) The RAxasa Horror Picture Show

88) Crouching Tyagi, Hidden Deva

89) Dude, Where's My Karma? Dugdha, Kahan Mere Karma?

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90) Boondock Saints, Boondock SAdhus

91) Final Destination: Brahman, Vaikuntha, Ayodhya, Dvarka, Goloka

92) Schindler's Sectarian Shopping List

93) From the Cradle to Enslave JIvas

94) Hari-Patra & the Philosopher's Sila: Touchstone (cintAmaNi)

95) The Fast & the Injurious, To Fast & Be Furious, To Fast & be Glorious

96) Any Given Sunday Feast, Any Given EkadazI, Any Given RavivAr

97) The Spy Who Fed Me PrasAd, The Spy Who Blessed Me

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98) Prem is a Many Splendid Vastu, A Summer Lok, A Summer DhAm, A Sumer TIrth

99) Peyton Place II (New Dvarka - Watseka Ave, LA)

100) Once Upon a Time in Vraj, Once Upon a Time in Dilli, Ayodhya..

101) Once Upon a Time Worldwide, As the Bhumi Turns, BrahmacarI Training Day

102) Planes, Trains, Tempus, Tangas, Putputs, Rikshas & Automobiles

103) Taming of the Shrew/Shri/StrI (leave this last one totally intact)

Bhaktyavalon Shakespeare Mhrj ki jaya! Holywood Hariboling ki jaya!


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104) Valley of the Dahls; Valley of the Dahlia; Valley of the Dola-yatra

105) Joan of Archa-vigraha; Joan Kaliyuga Collins

106) Sea of Prem; Scarmukh; Dagamaga Day Afternoon; Sarpico; ViSNu-GodA Father

107) Carlito's Marga, KRSNito's Way; Scent of a Cumin; The MAyA's Office

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