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He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins

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In all honesty I really didn't "get" a number of these. Still I hope you enjoy.




7th Day Adventist - He who plays with his toys on Saturday, loses.


Agnosticism - It is not possible to know whether toys make a bit of



Amish - Toys with batteries are surely a sin.


Anglican - They were our toys first.


Atheism - There is no toy maker.


B'Hai - All toys are just fine with us.


Baptist - Once played, always played.


Branch Davidians - He who dies playing with the biggest toys, wins.


Capitalism - He who dies with the most toys, wins.


Catholicism - He who denies himself the most toys, wins.


Church of Christ - He whose toys make music, loses.


Church of Christ, Scientist - We are the toys.


Communism - Everyone gets the same number of toys, and you go straight to

hell if we catch you selling yours.


Confucianism - Once a toy is dipped in the water, it is no longer dry.


Evolutionism - The toys made themselves.


Existentialism - Toys are a figment of your imagination.


Greek Orthodox - No, they were OURS first.


Hari Krishna - He who plays with the most toys, wins.


Hedonism - To heck with the rule book!? Let's play!


Hinduism - He who plays with bags of plastic farm animals, loses.


Jehovah's Witnesses - He who sells the most toys door-to-door, wins.


Mormonism - Every boy can have as many toys as he wants.


Non-denomination - just play with them.


Pentecostalism - He whose toys can talk, wins.


Polytheism - There are many toy makers.


Taoism - The doll is as important as the dumptruck.


Voodoo - Let me borrow that doll for a second.

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Verily my children, save your toys where the rust and moths and death cannot spoil them. Then you can take them with you; and you will indeed have the most toys, both in this life and the next.


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He Who Dies With The Most Toys - still dies...




Vaishnavism - They reason ill, who say the maker of so many toys die. He lives in the toys he has made!



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