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Gita on the topic of charity?

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Charity that is given as a matter of duty, to a deserving candidate who does nothing in

return, at the right place and time, is called a Saattvika charity. (17.20)

Charity that is given unwillingly, or to get something in return, or looking for some

fruit, is called Raajasika charity. (17.21)


Charity that is given at a wrong place and time, to unworthy persons, without paying

respect or with contempt, is said to be Taamasika charity. (17.22)


Would you please explain to me the meaning of the verses above.

I had been reading Prabhupad's Gita with his comments. The conclusion I have drawn from his statements is that donations must be given to the bramanas only. Charity towards the "unworthy", all those who have no spiritiual knowlegde (if I got Prabhupad right, all but brahmanas) is not recommended. Now this would mean that the defavoured are excluded from receiving charity gifts. I can hardly believe that and therefore I'd like to ask you about this. Thank you.


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A line from The Band's "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"

"Take what you need & leave the rest,

but they should never have taken the very best!"

Charity begins at home.

If your family members are all devotees, no problem.

If they are not, give them KRSNa.

Don't indulge them in more mahAmAyA. That would be tamogun.

KRSNa comes in many forms:

KRSNa-kIrtan, KRSNa-kathA, KRSNa-prasAd.

Books, Tapes, CDs, Videos, Food, Paintings.

If u r in knowledge, your position is superior.

The other tamasik or rajasik person may be 10x richer than u.

That's mAyA testing u. You're still much richer.

U cannot give as much laxmi, but u can give knowledge, wisdom.

Passionate Charity:

Bahulazva used to give example of James Brown signing checks for nonprofit organizations during concerts while up on stage, so all could see.

Ignorant Charity:

Charity Begins at Home. But Home Charity in which mode?

You give money to your child who's using drugs/alcohol.

He/she says he/she will use laxmi for food, bus.

U know, u feel that laxmi will not be used for food, bus.

But due to attachment, family affection u give $ anyway.

Your kid ends up in Hospital, Jail or Dead. Why? Partially because u gave Charity in Ignorance.

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