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How Tulasi maiyya become plant

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Hare Krishna to all,

Pleae accept my humble Obeisances unto your lotus feet & all glories to Srila prabhupada !!

I want to know How Tulasi mai the great devotee of Krishna become plant.

J.N.Dasji & other Vaishnavas please help me to get the answer of it,As I am very eager to know the answer of it.

Once again it's my humble request to all you whoever knows please send your answer.


Hari Bol,


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How she became assumed a plant like form- the prayer or process I do not know, but the story goes something like this:


The Queen of Vrindavan, the place I believe of Krishna's birth, was a beloved devotee of Krishna. She happened however to be married to a demon.


For one reason or another Krishna had to kill the demon. He knew the queen would be very upset with Him if she found out so He assumed the form of the demon husband and lived with her for quite some time.


Eventually the truth came out and she was very upset. So upset that she put a curse on him to become a rock as He was so hard hearted as to do this to her. Laksmi was then very upset and begged Tulasi to take the curse back. She finally consented removed the curse, but Krishna decided to remain a rock, and in that form He refused to accept worship without her presence. She later accepted a plant form so that the people could worship Him. In that form she is his main consort.


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