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re:how to remove and evil eye

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Guest anurag

take 2 dry red chillies, some white salt, some hairs of effected person, seeds of mustard, rotate these all clockwise and anticlock wise 6 times over the head of effected person. burn it all togerther. i smell irritate your eyes and nose then there was no evil eye. but if smell irritates your nose and eyes the bad evil eyes was there and was burnt away. try this .... will help u all

thank you 

anurag :smile:

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Protection against nazar: nazar ka tika (black dot), raksha dhagas (can be obtained from mandirs)

To remove nazar: burn peppers, do daan (give money to charity), pankhs (peacock feathers) help in removing nazar. This can also be done from a distance or with a picture. 


These are some practices I know. Best way is to keep faith and believe in the protection of God. Mahamrityunjaya mantra protects against everything. The stronger your belief and faith, the stronger your protection. No nazar or bad thoughts will harm you!


Keep faith!



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Guest Guest

How you do it on yourself? can any of these procedure be performed by person himself or herself?


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Can anyone tell me what is the correct way to"nazar utarna".I remember doing something with mustard oil but I am not sure.Can someone provide some guidelines.



The best way not to get any "evil eye" and so on is to pray and stay devoted. Then you will always be protected.

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