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The Playful Charming Mother Lalithambika

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<p align=center> Posted Image </p>

<h3><p align=center>Sree Ganesha Sharada Gurubhyo Namah</p></h3>


There is no Yantra equal to the Sree_Chakra

There is no Mantra equal to the Sree_Vidya

There is no diety equal to Lalithambika

And there is no Sahasranama equal to Sree Lalitha Sahasranama.


In this post I would like to discuss about the meanings of the names of the Divine Mother Lalithambika.She has now accomplished a very critical thing for me, without which my life would be doomed, now I want to express my thanks here.


I invite all the Devi Bhakthas here to express their views and experiences with the Mother.Also, if anyone knows about the names in this mystical Sahasranama, then please write them here so that it could benefit others.

I can only give very precise ideas about the meanings due to my limited knowledge.I would mainly depend on the commentary written by Bhaskaraya named 'Sowbhagya_Bhaskaram'


<p align=center>Posted Image </p>

<h3><p align=center>She is the shelter for all.The final refuge.</p></h3>

The following were the web-pages I could find which dealt with the meanings of the names in the Sahasranama.









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