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help: what is Hinduism's religious days of the week?

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HELP! I'm doing a project on Hinduism, and I'd like to know what days of the week are most religious for Hindus? Do they have a special day of the week to visit the temple or pray? One book said there is no specific day since all days are special in their own ways, while some sources states that tuesdays and thursdays are the religious days of the week? Which one is true and why?


I'd gladly appreciate all your help! thanks!

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According to my friend Rajashekhar Sharma, Hinduism does not recognize the week. That is a purely Judeo-Christian concept and somehow it found its way into Hinduism. Hinduism does not need a week since we use Lunar calendar with the phases of the moon indicating the day of the Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha.


That being said, the modern day Hindus have translated Sunday, Monday etc into Bhaanuvaara (Or Ravivaara), Somavaara etc. Various customs and rituals have developed around the system of weekdays.


What days of the week are most religious? For devotees of Shiva, the Monday is most important; for devotees of Lalitha, Friday is the most important. Similarly, the devotees of Hanumaan, Krishna and others have adopted their own special day for their deities.

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Monday: Shiva


Tuesday / Saturday : Divine Mother, Hanuman


Wednesday : Sri Balaji ( Venkateshwara)


Thursday : Sai Baba


Friday : i dont know


Saturday : Divine Mother, Hanuman, Venkateshwara.


Sunday : Holiday for God also. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

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