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Krsna is Blue Because

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The answer is in Brahma Samhita Text 1 (purport). He has a blueish Ting because of Intensity of Knowledge. In the words - Sat-Cit-Anand -- Sat is personified by Balaram, Cit is Personified by Krsna and Anand is personified by Srimati Radharani (CC). Therefore Krsna is Blue because of the intensity of the Knowledge Principle. Krsna is full of all Knowledge therefore His Body has assumed a blueish ting.

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Sri Krishna might have had bluish tinge (I would like to meet the person who remembers seeing him) but he had dark skin. That is why he was called Krishna. In Samskrit, Krishna stands for 'dark' male, Krishnaa is a dark skinned female; Draupadi was called Krishnaa. Heard of Krishna Yajurveda versus Shukla Yajurveda? Krishnaveni is a woman with dark braid.

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