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Kanchi AchAryA framed in the case

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No evidences have been revealed by the public procecutor ...all these are merely what the police are claiming but nothing has been given in writing by the police to either the High court or the press.


The media has behaved very irresponsibly in this episode projecting as though the police has evidence to back these statements.


However some things are facts


1) DMK was about to begin a protest to accelerate the investigation of the murder case.


( but i strongly believe this as a part of the conspiracy - frankly M Karunanidhi is the last person in the world to feel pity for a poor brahmins death. In our childhood days we have heard and know of enough anti- brahmin activity by M.Karunanidhi )


2) Sri Sankarraman was never close to paramcharya


No body in the mutt knows him. people know of him only after acharyas case has come up. Sanakrraman is a small accounts manager and we very well know many people come to the mutt to offer seva and are given jobs like accounts in various temples and institutions run by the mutt. These people are not those who are salaried by the mutt.


3) Sankarraman did file a writ petition requesting the court to order the acharya to not go out of India to china.


Though the writ was accepted by the court ..this is sheer mockery...If we have any doubts in shastras we approach His holiness in sringeri or in Kanchi which judge can qoute what shastra to kanchi acharya ? ...If sankarraman was genuine in his thought he must have approached Sringeri acharya and asked him what should be done.


4) A person Radhakrishnan was attacked in chennai.


But this person was again a sevarthi and could have not known anything about the mutt to get disenchanted. Like many other sevarthis he just served for some time and went back...by him saying disenchanted he probably felt he did not get VIP treatment one would typically expect if they are associated with Kanchi mutt. The police have not made any progress in the case and it is ridiculous to assosiate the case with the mutt.


over 1000 sevarthis report every year in Kanchi mutt, how can you ever relate any of them and their tragedies to Kanchi mutt ? Or how do you expect acharya to keep track of any of them as to whether they are against the mutt or for the mutt.


5) bank transactions, mobile phone calls, letters, and confessional statements form a crucial part of the case material being assembled against the accused.


all false ! - why ? - Kanchi mutt deals with about 5 crore bank assets. 40lakhs is a huge amount and there is no way it can miss account registers. It would have been well know right then among all mutt employees had this been true that 40 lahs had been drawn for unknown reasons.

Mobile phone calls - It is well know among all Bhakthadis that acharya never used the mobile. The public procecutor however has not said which moblie no: was contacted and how he knew it was "exclusively used by acharya"


Confessions - yes very much possible - these crooks will not fear draging anybody's name to save themselves.


The problem here is we do not know if the conspiracy began after the death of sri Sankarraman or before it ( probably he was killed as a part of the conspiracy )



From what I have heard Kanch Mutt people are saying that all their financial accounts are in order and no huge amounts have been withdrawn.


Also Sun TV broadcast news that the Mutt has account in an ICICI bank and the Kanch Mutt people say that they have no such account.


It seems that DMK/AIDMK Sun/Jaya TV are just making up stories and as our media is asleep (and also bocs they are part of it) they are just repeating false news.


It is so sad that in such a day and time political parties just do what they want and there is no process to stop them.

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i cannot think an aachary of that level could be a criminal,

but the truth has to come out from the court now.


if the court judges him a criminal incorrectly,

then he and his supporters would need to convice all the hindu aachryas that he is innocent and arouse all the hindus to bring on power a party that rules per dharma.

that is, begin a kranti.




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maayaabhirindra maayinam tvam shushhNam avaatiraH.

vidushhTe tasya medhiraasteshhaa shravaasyuttira.. ## Rg. 1.12 ##..


Resplendent God, let the deceitful and tyrannnous people be defeated by honest people through their clever strategy. May they (the virtuous and honest) be rewarded by you with abundent wealth and food.


- Rg. 1.12 (Veda Prathisthana Publication New Delhi, Rgveda Samhita Vol. 2)



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I'd just like to know where you got the Rg Veda from where you quoted from. I have been looking for a good translation of all 4 Vedas, but only seem to come across the Arya Samaj version and that by Aurobindo. Though these are hard to follow due to the language, the other Vedas translations are second-rate versions done by westerners.


On the present Shankaracharya, I wouldn't be surprised if he really is being framed. All the good work he's done had made certain groups with vested interests start to worry, so they want to put him away in a sensational way.

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With all the coruppted judges presiding in Indian Courts can the Acharaya get justice. I wonder! We have herd innocent victims being crucified in Indians courts on false charges because of corrupted AGs and judges, I'm sure the Acharaya would not get a fare trial. I think he shoud seek help in ICJ if he wants to proof his innocense. First and foremost the corrupted CM Jayalalitha should be removed from office if innocent people of TN wants justice. 70 -80% of the police force in TN is corrupted to the core and so are their elected politicians both in upper and lower house. If the pontiff is found guilty by the TN high court it would be a dark day in Indian history. I strongly belief the Achara is innocent of the charges but the law would still find him coz the corrupted police and false wittnesses created by the those who wants to get rrid of the Acharaya would make sure that the charges are water tight.


Only a divine intervention can safe the Pontiff now. It will be the turning point for the Hindus in TN. The atheist and non Hindus who are waiting to tarnish his name would see the power of God in this century. After this all non Hindus and atheist would want to become Hindus and this we would witness in our life time. Just wait and see the out come of the drama unfold before the eyes of the 1.2 billion people of India and the rest of the world.


It says in the GITA "Each person has come into manifestation for a certain purpose and that purpose will be accomplished whether he considers himself to be the actor or not".


According to the Vedas, a knower of Brahman transcends the scriptures.


Work when performed as a spiritual discipline is called Karma Yoga. It is the predominant topic of the Bhagavad Gita, though the book deals with other Yogas as well. The purpose of the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita is to solve a moral problem. Krishna, an avatar, was the teacher, and Arjuna, a warrior, the disciple. There was a bitter quarrel between two royal families of cousins. The family to which Arjuna belonged was the more righteous. Truth and justice were at stake, and Arjuna was determined to defend them. At first Krishna and the other wise men tried their utmost to make a peaceful settlement, but on account of the intransigence of the other family, they failed. War became inevitable.


Among the combatants on both sides, Arjuna found brothers, uncles, teachers, sons, nephews, and friends- to whom he was bound by a thousand ties of love, respect, and affection. Clearly foreseeing that the destruction accompanying the war would be followed by family disintegration and social chaos, he was reluctant to accept the responsibility, and said to Krishna that he would like to retire from the battlefield, go into a forest, and lead the life of a religious mendicant. Confused, he asked Krishna to show him the path of duty.


Arjuna’s dilemma was caused by his confusion about the two ideals, which, from time out of mind, have moulded the Hindu pattern of life. These are the disciplines of action and renunciation, distinctly laid down for two types of mind. The discipline of action is followed by the majority of men, who believe in social obligations and who do not explain away the world and the individual ego as unreal. They seek happiness here and hereafter. But a few persons who realise self-knowledge to be the supreme duty of life and who are convinced of the transitory nature of all material experiences either on earth or in heaven follow the discipline of renunciation, and seek liberation from bondage to the phenomenal world.


Both disciplines are necessary to preserve the social stability; but their spheres must not be confused. Arjuna obviously was not ready for the discipline of renunciation because he was conscious of his duty to society and was still attached to his relatives and friends, whose death he anticipated with sorrow. Certainly he had not attained that spiritual elevation from which one sees the illusory nature of worldly values, good or evil. He talked about renunciation only as an escape from the unpleasant duties of life.


Krishna characterised this attitude as ‘lowness of spirit, unbecoming a noble mind, dishonourable, and detrimental to the attainment of heaven, which every warrior covets.’ He advised Arjuna to plunge into action and fight in a spirit of non-attachment: ‘He who sees non-action in action, and action in non-action, he is wise among men, he is yogi, and he is the doer of all actions.’ ‘He who is free from the notion of egotism, and whose understanding is undefiled- though he slays these men, he really slays them not nor is he stained by the result of slaying.’ This non-attachment is the secret of work as a spiritual discipline.



He who is devoted to the path of action, whose mind is quite pure, who has conquered the self, who has subdued his senses and who realises his Self as the Self in all beings, though acting, he is not tainted.

-Gita, Ch.5, Verse 7.





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