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How is it any sicker than a man engaging with a woman in that way when they aren't married or committed to each other? is it not a meaningless selfish act no matter what gender you do it with? people have such a stigma, but you need only to realize that we are all spirit souls, gender is just a by-product. The only real argument that I can see being made is you have to have a man and woman to procreate, but honestly there is a really small amount of people out there actually TRYING to have kids. Sad to say that in the West the main cause for pregnancy is an "accident" in turn the child is born into a stressful situation more often than not, and this is almost always traumatic to the child in one way or another. Now if you look at it that way it's just as sinful as two men or two women engaging in acts that can never lead to procreation.

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This is true. Homosexuality is discouraged just as heterosexual sex out of marriage is discouraged. Both are lustful. Ideally the only sex should be with one's wife for the purpose of procreation. Beyond this I suppose sex with one's wife out of love and some lust is tolerable but it is not ideal and leads one to be further engrossed in the material world. Same sex marriage is not possible according to shastra.



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