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Hindi film Bhajans

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Hare Krishna all /images/graemlins/smile.gif


while watching something on TV I came across a Temple programme of sorts with some kids dancing on stage to a song from the Hindi film called 'can't remember'-:) with Amir Khan (about Cricket) you know the 1 right?


Anyways the song was about the rasa dance, and I was thinking is this song written by any saint?


If not then why are they singing it?


Is it ok to do so?


Could they not find a other bona-fide song?


Is the potency reduced?


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most films are made not by vaishnavas.

htey care less about what tey make - good or bad.


when vaishnavas or suras generally sensor the films,

even before it is made,

then we will get KC films.


this is one reason devotes do not watch movies.

they do satsanga instead.


yA nishA sarva bhUtAnAm

tasyAm jAgarti sanyami

yasyAm jagrati bhUtAni

sA nishA pashyato mune



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