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Hari bol?

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Hari bol!


Just wondering if this still works as easy as it did before...and what about the Lotus Tilaka? did the upload of it work? and what of my signature....does it still exist?


Oh me of little faith /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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Dear Mother Jaya Radhe,


Reading of all the nice sweet words from those whose hearts you have touched had me thinking that you managed to please practicaly everyone here at these forums and serve them in some way or another, what to speak of the countless devotees in your life...and then I saw that the very nice website I use art from was yours.....and I am that much more saddened over your departure. I did not get a chance to thank you, to get to know you, to call you a friend. You set quite a nice example of how to live one's life for Krsna. You have inspired my wife and myself to take up painting for Krsna...we are eternaly grateful. I write my little farewell here in the test section for it is just for you from me, and I am a stranger here and have not the sweet wonderful things to say to you like your Godbrothers and Sisters have. I feel out of place, but still very grateful for the big impact you have had on our lives. please forgive me for not posting this a more appropriate section of the forums. I wanted to simply say thank you for your exemplarary life.

Hare Krsna.

yours in service,

bh. Neal

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