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I want to achieve Vairagya

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Hello namasthe.if u want to achieve vairagya.u dont have to take diksha and any certain things ok u have to prepare from within not from outside. vairagya means knowing u that is beyond the experience of the 5 physical senses.mind is just a body if u understand that just thats it. Why do u want to control the mind . At fst control your thoughts . The thoughts that which is playing in your mind fst of all clear your thoughts let u be in peace u came to see vivid reality in life. What u experience is inside y do u want to worry about the outside . Do not let u r memory do the work . Let your innerself do the work . The body is an accumulation so as it the mind . Mind is controlled by you from yourself" understand it carefully" so fst try to understand who is you from you.. k . Then certainly u ll understand states and stages of mind . U dont want to go to that places u dont understand. So let clearly understand this ok .Example. in life what u see and hear just an experience from inside that which outside in the form of physical.  Experience is a reaction from an action . So the action is done by you whether its good,kind,anger,its upto u . Action are not physical in nature its just a simple thoughts the thoughts is just an vivid dimension its converted by you into physical. If u understand the thoughts and act to the thoughts peacefully obviously u ll get positive reaction . If u get positive reaction . U ll be happy . If you are happy then what else do u need. This is vairagya thats all the people searching for happines is the path . Try to go on that path . If u want to know beyond . Question me something complex.thank you.

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By will power and right remedies you can do whatever you want. 

Ravan was a human and had the powers to control on all the planets.

Use intelligence wisely and see what you want and how can you reach it.

you can read vishnu saharstnam or worship maa kali mantra ... for prayers u don’t need to focus if u a sadhvik or tantrik... prayer can be done without any rituals... if u take any anusthaan then it will be sadhvik or tantric.. n in materialistic world u can be a sadhvik too, sadhvik doesn’t mean no sex ... sex with husband is fine and rest parameters your soul will tell you.

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