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  1. Hello namasthe.if u want to achieve vairagya.u dont have to take diksha and any certain things ok u have to prepare from within not from outside. vairagya means knowing u that is beyond the experience of the 5 physical senses.mind is just a body if u understand that just thats it. Why do u want to control the mind . At fst control your thoughts . The thoughts that which is playing in your mind fst of all clear your thoughts let u be in peace u came to see vivid reality in life. What u experience is inside y do u want to worry about the outside . Do not let u r memory do the work . Let your innerself do the work . The body is an accumulation so as it the mind . Mind is controlled by you from yourself" understand it carefully" so fst try to understand who is you from you.. k . Then certainly u ll understand states and stages of mind . U dont want to go to that places u dont understand. So let clearly understand this ok .Example. in life what u see and hear just an experience from inside that which outside in the form of physical. Experience is a reaction from an action . So the action is done by you whether its good,kind,anger,its upto u . Action are not physical in nature its just a simple thoughts the thoughts is just an vivid dimension its converted by you into physical. If u understand the thoughts and act to the thoughts peacefully obviously u ll get positive reaction . If u get positive reaction . U ll be happy . If you are happy then what else do u need. This is vairagya thats all the people searching for happines is the path . Try to go on that path . If u want to know beyond . Question me something complex.thank you.
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