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Sanaatan Dharam claims to be the eternal religion. I personally believe that this is true.


A religion is supposed to uphold righteousness in the first instance.


This being said. Human life has many more shades to it that just that.


Sanaatan Dharm will be eternal because it provides solutions to all problems humans will ever experience. If Hinduism cannot provide the RIGHT solution for specific human problems then of what use is all the knowledge?? If human beings cannot solve their problems within a dhaarmic frame then they will have to look for other ways and ultimately fall away from Dharma.


Taantrik Shat Karma has


1. Shanti

2. Vashikaran

3. Aakarshan

4. Vidveshan

5. Ucchaatan

6. Maaran


My understanding is that you ask God for help and permission. God grants you permission or not.


I have been searching for a real Taantrik or Taantrik Guru since a very long time to relieve me from my sorrow.


One single woman has made life hell for me. She has been plotting and disgracing me intentionally since almost 3 years.


Is there anyone who is well experienced in Maaran Prayog and can really help me??


Please reply only if you have the right person in mind who can prove his success in Shatkarma.


I can't take any disappointment anymore.








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