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Mantra Sadhna

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You will need a Guru to do the sadhana since he is the one who can guide you better and the one responsible for giving you "deeksha" (in hindi) or "initiation" (in english). Do not do it on your own because sometimes kundalini energy gets released in the body during certain sadhanas. There are some documented events/books which says , that the sadhak becomes mentally-ill or his/her mental balance is lost if this energy gets suddenly released and is not channeled by a guru properly. Remember once it is released there is no going back. So find a guru who can help you. All the best! hope i helped  :smile:

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dear che10, 

Mantra chanting is excellent work, but you need a guru for mantra diksha, at the lack of guru you suppose lord sada shiv as your guru. after that choose your favorite mantra not attract by its power you think from your heart, which mantra suitable for you. if the mantra has nyash vidhi perform it first, then chanting your mantra after relaxing your mind and body not too slow not too fast, dont think another things or another mantra, respect all mantra but chanting your mantra.  dont panic not over excited your chant just like as you talk to your girlfriend, dont think you become superman but your all obstacle slowly get rid, you just want you have good rites and divya mind. believe that you get As far as you expected. 

my english not so good but i think get the answer.

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