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  1. what happens when moon is with rahu in transit?
  2. it means u have to search for "panchkarman" on google.
  3. thanks anyways for ur humble response.. हरि ॐ
  4. hari om, some conference came with nadi shodhan as the answer to this. i read somewhere in pandit sajay rath's literature. what i was concerned about was that the programmer of jagannath hora, mr narasimha rao said that his birth time when shifted to +1day and some hours gives him accurate results with the dashas to the sixth level dasha. he also explains how he's happy with the divisional charts with the birth time without this shift. why should this difference be there? him being such a great and traditional astrologer. why is this mahadasha calculation an adjustment here. he explaines this with the centre of physical moon and spiritual moon may not being the same... when some astrologers argue over this being a complete mathematical system with some who say this is a brahma vidya and hence comes with a siddhi and devotion to the dieties and karmas which opens the doors to a subtle sense that can catch this mathematics from variety.. kindly express ur views on this. chaitra
  5. hi i just wanted to know how accurate is birth time correction? in some cases ive heard that "if u shift the birth time by @$%. the mahadasha shows perfect synchronicity with materialization of events in the gross world. why the need of this adjustment? is kunda used by people? is it in practice coz i read about hiranyagarbha theory of creation happening only when kunda is in certain houses. if its true it might bring us some more understanding. please share ur views.
  6. love = प्रेम ( pronounced as prem ), प्रीति ( p.a. preeti ) honour = मर्यादा ( p.a. maryaadaa ), मान ( p.a. maan ), प्रतिष्ठा ( pa pratishthaa ) also why will anyone mail u this? when u r at the receiving. plus u have 2 posts. and why start a new thread when there is already one for translations?
  7. summer is very simple summer = समर (but this is like sa ma ra ) for just summer put a line beneath ra (halant) it will look like समर् in this script the philosophy is the (a) sound attached to every consonant is the life of sounds hence in hindi mostly u will find names with a in almost every word. like raama, krishna
  8. first of all the script is called devnaagri. for both sanskrit and hindi. mostly all the english names have to have something called ardha-chandrabindu meaning half chandra bindu ( a matra) like a in sandra is pronounced as a in ban, man, but mostly when translated in hindi the a becomes more like ai in rain, main with a single matra and even more funny with double matras of ए ऐ सैन्ड्रा - sa indra सेन्ड्रा is like sain(rain) dra सँड्रा this is sandra with the dot removed only the semicircle should be there( ardha chandra bindu) hope it helps
  9. jain is not = jane its a lil different, but if its jay as in jain and din as in tin hindi will be जैदिन् this is soft d d as "da rappers" not as in day if its HARD D then jayDin will be जैडिन् जँडिन if u wanna use ardha chandra bindu remove the dot in the chandra bindu. jayDin.
  10. namaste goto astrojyoti.com and add "/mahamrityunjayamantram.htm" after .com cant post the link for some reason. this site has all the vedas, full geeta. and all other mantras in mp3 and downloadable.
  11. in sanskrit every akshar or swara used has a reason. like music has its ups and downs and tone relating to what kind of emotional vibration is to be induced. therefore the mantras. but i wanted to know the meaning of each dhaatu and maatra used to form words. and what dhaatu plays what roles on our minds. their meanings... like all the akshar in the first row are pronounced with the help of tongue in throat only. ka kha etc then on it comes towards using the tongue to fully cha chha the the tongue is curled ta tha etc etc plus this division too has 5x5 matrix (excluding sha sa ha) is it something to do with the tatwaas? like in the last column, all the letters use the vibration which effects the third eye ( i think) anga eenya aNa na ma therefore the word mana. what is this science? whats a dhaatu? please explain if anyone can. or if this is mentioned in any vedic scriptures. even a lil about it will do. thanks
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