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How do a sadhaka without a guru take sankalpa and chant Shiva Guru Mantra?

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I found a mantra that helps a sadhaka get siddhi of any other mantras; it's called Shiva Guru Mantra. 


This is surely a blessing for a sadhaka without a guru. But there are no further details for chanting the mantra, like for how many times or days, etc. Is there anyone who has seen this mantra? I have known this mantra for some time, but can not find any other information on the net; so I have not got enough confidence to start chanting. Should we keep chanting the mantra every day OR we may chant it for a period of time like 7 days only and chant it again right before chanting a new mantra? Please if you have surrendered to Lord Shiva and are aware of such a guru mantra, please be sure to tell us the details. I can't say how much I appreciate your help...


Om Shivaya Namah!

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