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Eternal life and the escape of dishonours and cataclysms.

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The sun is eternal, as a realization of concentration, a non-duality like the moon. The moon kills the sun with water, because it itself dies through the moon been mixed with light and heat that destroys the stones by them cracking into eachother, creating sparks of fire. This happens though through gravity, the sun has nothing to do with that. 


When the moon is mixed with light and heat, then it sends out water andpoison. As all that happens in the world happens first in the heavens so by removing the excessive heat and light in the moon one escapes from been given the evil of the moon, food and attacks. In such doing we as well remove general dishonours, as food makes one smell bad and shit, one removes the general death symbol of the poison attacks and attains eternal life. Now, first of all air is created with a water drop, when it falls. After air, food, water comes, but the need to eat is there cause of the air decreasing energy, like in a fire, when air removes some of the fire and light. 


An alien would, after sensing air movement, as is the first element of the moon, send devices of heat within seconds from below the moon for then the moon receiving back the steam to release itself from excessive heat and light. It is a matter of balance, it is a matter of peace, it is a matter of eternalism. Now what remains for us is removement of past memories that we don't want to have, as all physical activities are a law from the stars of the spider moon - and for some a solution to the problems.

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