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Some Question In my mind.

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1.What is love? Is there Any relation with destiny?

2.I am in love but we are being separated due to her marriage with some other person as we are not able to do any thing except praying.Why GOD did not helped us?

3.To what extent we should keep expectation as we are praying for it. As some time I am loosing my hope.

4. Marriage is totally in human hand or it has some relation with destiny.


Whether GOD will help us or Now it over?.



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Guest guest24232655
Hey Santosh!
I sympathize with your situation that you're finding yourself in. I also know a few persons who have gone through a similar series of events where what you wanted to happen does not end up happening. Although I wouldn't call myself a 'spiritual person,' let me try to share with you what came to my mind when I read your questions based on my own little life experience so far:
1. I think what you are asking is whether we are destined to find our life partner by some higher forces. I personally think that nothing happens by chance because such a conclusion would be atheistic as far as I am concerned. I do believe that there is a law to the world, that there is an order even amidst apparent chaos or turbulent circumstances. 
What is love you ask? I can tell you a little bit about what it's not because I myself am trying to learn what is to truly love, and it's not that easy. It certainly is not what the movies make it out to be. It's also not to be confused with infatuation although this can be tricky because this is what love is mostly confused with. Love does not need to be physical for it to be love. In other words, sex isn't love but only an aspect of it. Unfortunately, this is a wide misunderstanding of love.
From what little I've learned about love so far, it seems to have affection and a genuine care for one's significant other in the center. 
2. Like I said above, I think there is an order to this world. Various religious and spiritual traditions have different names. For example, the Hindu tradition to which I believe you belong speaks of this law as karma. Basically, all thoughts and actions have consequences, good or bad. Our happiness and sadness are all a part of consequences to either our pious or impious deeds that we've committed in present and past lives. This is what the doctrine of karma says according to the Hindu tradition if I recall correctly. It says that this law is administered by various personalities, such as a god of punishment (Yama), god of arts (Saraswati), god of obtaining a good wife (Paarvati), etc. But when the tradition speaks of The God, it says that The God (Brahman) who is beyond the world of karma, does not administer good and bad karma's of individuals. This is what Hinduism says. Perhaps you can relate to it from your experience.
But I think that the fact that both of you have started to pray is very encouraging and it speaks about your pious nature, and *sincere* prayer, in my experience, never goes unanswered.
3. I know of one person who prayed very hard to get her boyfriend as a husband. She is a Hindu, by the way. But when her boyfriend's parents formed an arranged marriage for their son she was devastated. So much so that she stopped praying and is now an atheist. I think this is wrong. I personally think that it would be so much beneficial that when we pray we should pray regardless of the outcome. We should pray sincerely without expectation, leaving that in the hands of our Ishta devata, worshippable deity. I think if we can and should also pray to give us the inner strength to accept whatever is determined for us but never to stop praying. This obviously takes a lot of courage and will, but if we lack that, then we can of course pray for that, too!
4. I think it's both. I think we can pray for certain things. But whether or not we will get those things is not up to us, in my opinion. And from my experience, it's most of the time very hard to accept certain decisions like not being able to marry our high-school sweetheart but with sincere and intense prayer for courage and deeper wisdom, one should be able to see the benefits. 
Nothing is ever lost by praying to Bhagavan, whether things work our way or not. This is my experience. I hope and wish the best for both you and your partner in your prayers together, and I hope that your prayers and visits to holy places will help you both in all possible ways. 
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