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Hi friends!


I am wanting to study more about this kind of spirituality on a personal level.



Dear Callie,


Could you explain a little more about what you are looking for? What do You mean by "this kind of spirituality" - what kind of spirituality did you mean?


Magic Flute

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Hi friends!


My name is Callie and I am wanting to study more about this kind of spirituality on a personal level. If anyone is open to talking and sharing their experience, please let me know!



Thank you,



All is new, the inqury is abit challenging. I hope to say that spirituality is not about reading as much is it is about wanting to know the truth, about who you are & to whome you may be.. I am new myself, yet I tend to find it abit hard to find the guidance as prescribed in the txt I have been reading.. So I hope to open a diologue with you, in hopes of friendship & devotion.




Robert Haussmann

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I have had many spiritual dreams and experiences. I was once a mentally ill patient at a hospital. The doctors were about to lose hope on me until I started practicing meditation and reciting mantras. I am fully cured now and it was all thanks to Gods and Godesses. However I haven't been following my religious practices lately and I keep getting Gods and goddesses in my dreams. I am not sure if it is an effect of the mental issue or whether it's real. But whatever it is, I have seen and experienced things very mystical that no one would ever believe. PM me and we could have a more one on one discussion about this! Looking forward to it.

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