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Healing others meditation

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Hello to the forum, I'm new here and I write this post becouse I need some help.

A dear friend of mine has cancer, and I decide to give my contribution with some healing-others meditation.

I would like to add Doei Ashtapad Jap or Tershula Kriya to my morning sadhana...I prefer the first, but I would like to know if anyone have experience with these 2 , any kind of experience, not only regarding healing power...

Another big question is if Sodarshan Chakra Kriya can give the ability to healing others from distance....I know Yogi Bhajan said SCK give the pranic power to health and healing but I don't understan if he was talking about a self healing process or a healing-others process.

Any council is welcome...my purpose is ti help my friend

Thanks in advance for your answer

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Well, if you just sent positive healing vibrations to your friend it would do him good.


Normally, its take a life time to learn to heal other s and also you don't want to interfere too much in what Life has in mind for your friend. Sometime problems / illnesses can be an processes that a person must undergo. The Big Picture, no one knows.

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Hi, I am also very new to energetic healing.


What aRE Deoi Ashtapad Jap or Tershula Kriya and sadhana?


and Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and SCK?


I am looking for someone who can teach me to heal myself (very ill).

starting with???


I tried pranayama breathing, but as I wrote in my post, it made me ill. The heart pranayam

triggered horrid angina, and one for the lung, made me dizzy, nauseaus, hot, cold sweats,

and had to lie down. It triggered some autonomic dysfunction from which I suffer too.


I have no experience with asanas or anything else other than Qi Gong.


Where do I start? Whatever it needs to be gentle, slowly, and build up on that.

I am full of toxins, and highly allergic, unable to eat most foods etc..


Many thanks

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