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tushar bhartiya

Advice on "Dream telling to do Durga Sadhana"

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Dear All,

Kindly advice me.

I had a dream in which Ganesh Ji told me to do "Durga Sadhana"

and also that if this Sadhana is Done " Bagulamukhi?? Sadhana" and "MahaLaxmi Sadhana" will automatically be done.

I don't have any idea what to make of it. Also I dont know anything about such things. In fact I heard such terms for the first time

in this dream.

Point is that this dream was remarkably different than normal dreams,

it was almost real time.

and also too impressionable.

I called up a distant family brother who I think knows little bit more about these things.

He told me to start chanting " Om Aieng Hreeng Kleeng Chamundaiye Bicchei"

Please Advice on chanting? or anything else.

Your advices will help me more clarity. Somehow I cannot forget/ignore this dream. So I need to sort it out in my head.

Thankyou so much for your Time and Patience.



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Please read Durga Sahsranama for 21 days in the mornings or evenings. Its a good starting point.


Please be a vegetarian on the day you read sahsranama and offer whatever little flowers you can to the idol or picture.


Even if you don't have a Durga Devi image, its ok.


Whatever Goddess image you have, offer the flowers in front of that image. Almighty is just One.


Also don't forget to read Durga Aparadha stotram after reading Durga Sahsranama.


And whatever you read, please don't doubt the mantras. There will be mistakes but offer your prayer with full faith.


Durga Devi will show you the rest. You will get your guru when time comes.


And please assess yourself before starting as to whether this is for you or not. You shouldn't get bored after the initial rush of spirituality which happens to many.


Most of the people drop prayers midway.


Hope I helped you.


Take care.

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