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Types of Bhakthi ?

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I have a simple doubt which is pestering my head for long time after reading narada bhakhi sutra.As per narada, thinking GOD as your friend,child or husband( not lust ) is way of Bhakthi.In that case, if people follow his principle, what is the need to chant mantra japas. Many sages like chaitanya and others have reached GOD like that.


Please clarify which one is best. If we chant mantra without thinking god i feel that is waste.So im in opinion of thinking GOD in mind is enough for bhakthi.


Please clarify my doubt.

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What you have said is correct but it is one of the difficult ways to do.In present world,it is almost impossible to follow that way for a common man.Those words were said with respect to some qualities of friend.But we mistake as present situation.

2.In my opinion what you think is wrong.All of a sudden we cannot perform japas by thinking that god is in front of us.So first we should do something and as the time progresses we will increase our concentration and we can think of god.This is called NAAMSMARAN BHAKTI.It is said by almost all the gurus who existed and even who are still living.

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Guest Reena

Please read the Bhagawad Geeta to clarify all your doubts. Lord Krishna himself reveals 3 paths of attaining him. Dyanayog, Bhaktiyog and Gyanayog. 

A great example of attaining God is actually Nandi (Lord Shiva's cow). His love and commitment towards Lord Shiva, made him actually attain him. 


It depends on the individual, which path is best for him. 


Hope this helps! 

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