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kali question

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I'm new here but I have a question and hopefully someone can help me out.


I worship goddess Durga as she is my ist devi and I also worship goddess kali for the same reason as well. However recently I've noticed that I don't like worshipping male gods like vishnu or shiva only because I get no high, happiness or peace from worshipping them. However with regards to Durga and kali, both goddess are able to give me a high, and make me very happy and peace and make come to terms with life. So i was wondering if that was okay to only worship durga and kali?


my other question is that with regards to goddess kali, people always describe her as violent, ugly, and demonic by a few. However I found her very motherly and lovely and very beautiful actually hot and sexy. So i was wondering if that is a legitimate way to worship her as i am attracted to her but worship her as a mother with a lot of respect?


that's for now if i get my answer i'll post my third question later on.

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man or girl now you like maa durga or kali its good your heart wants them .both maa durga and kali are same god with different avatar maa durga took the form of kali to kill evils .she is great one if you pray from heart she gives you averything you want .but dont use words like sexy you will never bee able to give any escuse to her if she gets angry on you.

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