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  1. hmm Hello thank you for your interesting advice and others As this question and my post was not meant to be disrespectful in any way to anyone so I do apologize, I simply stated what was on my mind at the time, But I am confused as why a person may not simply choose to worship one deity of interest if they truly are dedicated and have steadfast devotion to the deity of choice. I personally have a philosphy that worshipping and religion are a highly personal choice not dictated by society but by the individual himself and god has several forms so its possible it may not come in the same form or image to everyone. I mean if a person decides to worhsip every deity but has absolutely no resolve or even dedication or trust towards that deity what good is it to worship then as also stated in the bhagvad gita as well that there is no fruit to worshipping when a person just worships but hasn't even concentrated their mind on the god. But in this case, if a goddess is for some reason the only thing I can concentrate on to the point that i actually attain an empty mind isn't that alot better to worship the one goddess I truly respect, love and trust, whether in happiness or sadness I truly remember her all the time. Isn't this a lot better then doing fake worship. Granted I also have a huge amount of respect for this goddess despite what you might be thinking based off the post due to the akward nature of the words I used, I do apologize on that I didn't think it was going to be taken so literally. I do admit that perhaps the most appealing thing about this goddess to me is their ability to kill demons and fight and their feriousness and awesome power and mastery of weapons beyond even gods which is probably what that post was trying to convey (perhaps badly posed), But is it truly wrong to visualize these goddesses in a more warrior-like and fierce and killer form then perhaps the more motherly side, granted most if not all people do worship her as a kind motherly goddess and see her as such. For some reason, my heart and mind is somehow unwilling to believe that the strongest goddess that I trust and love could ever follow anyone else's command and orders. I seem to hate the idea my goddess can even be controlled by anyone. Power in my opinion is uncontrollable and I see her in an uncontrolled and most destructive form which no one can stop, is that really a wrong way to look and worship her???
  2. Hey I'm no priest nor a man that knows a whole lot but I do worship goddesses and so I'll give you my personal opinion on the subject matter. In short the answer is yes. From my knowledge ( I could be wrong), Chinnamasta is part of the das mahavidya's the ten tantric goddesses of india. Based on this, the point of worshipping any mahavidya is to worship raw power so ideas about people saying she's dangerous, scary bla bla bla could be taken as reality because logically speaking raw power is untamed and uncontrolled and what's the point of worshippping a tamed goddess? these goddesses including chinnamasta don't fit this picture or ideology. So take that at face value. One thing I am certain of is that anyone who worships any mahavidya seems to find immediate effects (I guess their sometimes considered negative as the outcomes may not be what they were expecting and perhaps may be undesirable). Now to answer you question, the best answer is yes and you should experiment with the idea. Actually worship her and see what happens. By definition, a worshipper should have a pure heart and be honest and true to his worship in regards to his deity (This is universal point). In this case worship her and see what happens, if you think its bad then stop otherwise continue with the worship. I mean come on its not like your going to die by worshipping her or something, so be brave and give it an honest try. Now the mantra that is required, sorry I don't know I personally worship goddess kali and durga and though I am fascinated by the mahavidya's and there highly attracted to me and come in the most exotic of forms, I don't know sanskrit or hindi to be able to read those mantras so I can't give you help there. The most I can do is encourage you to give it a shot.
  3. Hello so sorry but I do need some help. I found a Devi Mahatmyam on Youtube and i need someone if possible to write out two parts from it. The first part is from the start to 10:14min. the second part is from 19:47 to 21:49 I know its only pieces of it but there the two pieces i like the most if someone actually understands it and knows the beginning and ending of both of those phrases and what they are I would be most appreciated and thankful cause sadly I don't know sanskrit. thanks for someone's time and consideration ps here is the website: YouTube - Devi Mahatmyam - Sri Durga Saptashati - Chandi Path - Sung by Swagatalakshmi
  4. Hello I'm new here but I have a question and hopefully someone can help me out. I worship goddess Durga as she is my ist devi and I also worship goddess kali for the same reason as well. However recently I've noticed that I don't like worshipping male gods like vishnu or shiva only because I get no high, happiness or peace from worshipping them. However with regards to Durga and kali, both goddess are able to give me a high, and make me very happy and peace and make come to terms with life. So i was wondering if that was okay to only worship durga and kali? my other question is that with regards to goddess kali, people always describe her as violent, ugly, and demonic by a few. However I found her very motherly and lovely and very beautiful actually hot and sexy. So i was wondering if that is a legitimate way to worship her as i am attracted to her but worship her as a mother with a lot of respect? that's for now if i get my answer i'll post my third question later on.
  5. Hey I'm new here but I wanted to ask a question. Recently having had read the Devi Mahatma aka devi puran (both the english and the sanskrit one thanks to my dad) (sorry for the spelling), I started to worship goddess durga as my ist devi, however i also worship maa kali. Only thing though is that I don't want to worship male gods like vishnu or shiva only because I don't get any fun, peace or high from worshipping them. Durga and kali on the other hand do make me have peace, fun and high. Despite the fact that i cannot read hindi or sanskrit i go to any lengths to find mantras and stotras for them. Only thing though is the with respect to kali, I hate it when ppl say that she's demonic, ferocious, violent and ugly. Actually I see kali motherly, generous and beautiful actually quite hot and sexy and that's how Ive ended up worshipping her with as much devotion and concentration that i can. So in reality my questions are whether worshipping only goddesses just kali and durga is okay and the way i happen to see kali is legitimate and okay. THe other problem I have is with durga as to whether she's with parvati. technically in the devi purana such an indication is not mentioned to my knowledge though ppl do so and i worship durga as a mother goddess but more like a virgin goddess you could say. Really at the en of the day the question is despite the fact they say as long as you beleive the goddess exists and you worship them with love and dedication and can see ppl especailly girls the same way its fine, im just wondering if i have the right mentally
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