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  1. Hi, I purchased a parad shivling from astrology and rudraksha site and they said that i can't do abishekam with it. so I bought another one, fluorite shivling for the abishekam. Is it ok to have two Shivlingas at home? I also have been kind of ignoring the Shivlingas that are on my altar and have not been doing pujas or praying to them, I am renewing my altar in a better shape that worship is easier. beginners problems. Please people who are authorized and have knowledge, i really appreciate your answer.
  2. Namaste. I have searched information about Chinnamasta after I bought her yantra, the qualities of the yantra were great but i did not really know anything about Mother Chinnamasta. So I have her yantra on my altar, and I've been through fear and confusion since all the information that i can find in the internet is really contradictory. Please help me to make some concerning things clear for me, please spread light into my life on this subject. First of all, Is she really Dangerous to approach? What should I know how about worshipping the yantra so i know that i will be safe (and all right and that She would help me?) I am more a vaishnava than shakta, and my ishta devata is Lord Vishnu. though i am mostly non sectarian. please help me and spread light in to my life about the worship of Chinnamasta, in the form of yantra mantra (sadhana)? Thank You. God Bless. Hare Krishna
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