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Holding the hand in the same position as the fetus in the womb cures a cold in 1 hour

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Whoa, 230,000 threads have been posted on this website, where are most of the people living, India or USA or England? Thats close to a world record I would think.

My contribution today will be to tell about a simple free method that cures infection, for example a cold or flu in an hour or two, in all people who tried it, or its equivalent (14), including many of mine, and can be done by anyone immediately .It has similar effective results in healing and increased beneficial functioning in many other things its been tried on, forty people now. Its simply to place the hand in the position the fetus most commonly does in the womb. Note the similarity to the upright hand and arm positioning n tai chi, falun gong and qi gong, and I believe that is probably what makes all 3 effective, although not near as effective as the similar method below, mainly because they dont keep the hands stationary and not always as high as ideal.

Here is a description of it in more detail and a list of health problems it has been tried on. This is a letter I sent the other day to a woman physician in Somalia. I sent similar to some people in Haiti where they are fighting cholera. There is an easier way to do this if one wants to do it 24 hours a day with no effort at all if anyone is interested, I can explain.

"Hi Dr Abdi, I greatly applaud your work and hope this email helps in that regard. I m a retired lawyer in Santa Barbara, California. I have discovered that if we hold one of our hands, its not necessary to hold both, in roughly the same position that the fetus assumes most commonly in the wonb, up near their chin , clavicle or upper chest, and hold it reasonably still with nothing in the hand, that triggers a huge immune stimulation that , for example, cures a cold in the people who try it in an hour or two, same for influenza, bacterial infections like food poisoning and in addition benefits the functioning of what appears to be all the functioning in the body, such that injuries of all sorts are healed many times faster and even old injuries which have long since stopped healing, significantly improve, depression is repidly eliminated, etc.


The advantage I had that allowed me to find out what has always been available to us to use but no one was able to make the connection, is a unique factor in my blood studied at various American institutions including Harvard and the VA Hospital, to be a factor that had not before been identified in a human before, it was unknown to medicine, and one of the aspects of this factor is that it creates a muscle contraction in me that occurs only when my immunity is being stimulated and the degree of muscle contraction is equal to the degree of immune stimulation;.


Some corroboration that you would know about are the fact that when an infant is placed on its back, it will almost invariably hold its hands up by his shoulders and the much studied healing effects of tai chi, qi gong, falun gong, and even yoga, since in each of these the practitioner has his hands on the same plane of the upper body, although they move the hands around too often to be ideal. and the level of stimulation is gradually less the farther they get from the chin or clavicle until when they reach the waist and below there is no benefit.


But rather than me trying to convince you of the healing power of this technique, you can so easily prove it to yourself by having anyone with any kind of viral or bacterial infection just try it. with the exception of AIDS if the person is not also taking an AIDS antiviival because otherwise this method risks causing the stimulated immune cells producing more virus I spoke to a Doctor at NIH who does studies on AIDS who said it would be acceptable to use an immune stimulant if the patient did also take an antiviral. Obviously any person in Somalia if this became known to them can use its enormous across the board healing power, for free, anywhere, anytime. Note that it works even when walking, although not quite as well, if the person holds his hand in roughly the same place,doesnt move it around, but for any test it would be best to have the patient sit or lie down Lying down. one can place their hand on their upper chest , but they should curl their fingers so the whole palm doesnt touch their upper chest because when it does the effect is lessened some. Thus the back of the fingers and the heal of the palm touching instead of the whole palm touching is thew way to do it if lying down. If they sleep on their back, then they can treat it thusly 24 hours a day, even when asleep if they can keep their hand up like that rather than to put it down in their sleep be turned off


It does not work at all due to the immune cells refusing to be stimulated, so to speak, if one is too near certain many types of electronics, due to their radiation, , such as a cell phone,, computer and monitor or external modem, flat screened tv , even too close to a regular tv set if within four or five feet any part of the body or modern radio so all that should be turned off. Im sure there are some kinds of electronic medical equipment too whose radiation will also have the effect on the body of it no longer being stimulated by this method when exposed to it, so for this test I would advise all electronics to be turned off in the patients room, Also smoking, evidently the nicotine, causes this method to be very poor in results, and anything that suppresses the immune system will lessen the effect, such as the opiates or synthetic opiate painkillers, or the benzodiazepines, like valium. It is also stronger to take off the watch (the battery) and any rings if possible, I can explain why that reduces the effect if you like.

Below is the list of almost 40 things this or its equivalent of what the fetus does in the womb,

In a longer email I can report the

exact circumstances and results of each of these following conditions tested

-there are multiple people tested for many of these things-all testing showed

obvious positive results unless noted. Most results were unprecedented.in medical history. Please test any of the following , or similar problem using this method , on yourself or others and you will be able to verify what I am alleging .


1. Depression, half of it in an hour, all of it in a day and causes total resistance to depression if done all the time.

2. Anxiety

3. Schizophrenia

4. Mania

5. Bronchitis

6 Influenza

7. food poisoning

9. Celliac disease

10. ulcerative colitis

11.CLassic chronic fatigue syndrome, if certain other adjustments are made.

12 Rheumatoid Arthritis

13. 3 types of allergies-hay fever 75% is removed in 15 minutes-completely in

longer use

14 asthma

15 bone regrowth mother put herself from sometimes being in a wheelchair , due to a hip implant bone resorbing from the plastic imlpant after ten years, to be able to play golf, and this bone regrowth is unknown in medicine so I expect this method to be the cure for osteoporosis.

16 reduction in the speed of spread of male pattern baldness

17 Fatigue of various types

18 acceleration of amount of muscle building a day after a workout with


19 greater amount of weight that could be lifted during a workout, alternating

each set the wearing of the cotton with not wearing it

20. Quicker time to begin sleep, longer sleep, deeper more refreshing sleep, more vivid dreaming, more

dreaming evidently-reported by all

21 Partial healing of old brain damage that had long since stopped healing

as well as recent brain damage

22 accelerated healing of and increased resistance to reinjuring tendon injuries

23 extremely rapid elimination of pain (anti-inflammatory?) from burns 24 calming effect reported by all

25 increased dopamine release as shown by improvement immediately, although not

great, in restless leg syndrome and a mild greater sense of well being

immediately even in healthy people

26.very rapid lessening of pain in chronic rotator cuff injury (severall minutes)

27 tooth infection

28 increased sexual arousal and pleasure, increased orgasm intensity

29 more rapid resolution of acne cysts

30 repeated elimination of muscle spasm in foot from a stroke while treating

31 colds and accompanying sore throats-sore throats and fever gone within an

hour or less, colds within 1 to 3 hours

32 resolution of herpes simplex in a day as opposed to the normal week it had

always taken me--several times

33 Migraine, both prevention and cure.

34 Common headache

35 Dissolving of amyloids, (the type formed in association with infections, alpha amyloids) if combined with

one other type of immune stimulation--I used walking fast as that other type

usually. A cousin of this type of amyloid ,beta amyloid ,is suspected to be the cause of Alzheimer's. I am hoping

that it will work for that too but is now untested.

36 Significant further healing of vocal cords after healing had ceased for


37 Immediate increase in energy and much more rapid recovery from fatigue.

38 Hiccups, itching, bouts of sneezing.


Steve Lord"

Steve Lord







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