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Is this Kalsarpa Yoga ?

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Hi, I read on various web sites that if Rahu is in the 6th house & Ketu in the 12th, kalsarpa is formed. But there are also other factors mentioned which needs to be looked at to confirm that indeed the person is facing kalsarpa yoga. But frankly I found those too difficult & confusing. So, please help me out in determining if I am having kalsarpa yoga.

My Rashi is Kanya & Lagna is Makar.



This is my birth chart -----------


1st Unoccupied

2nd Shukra

3rd Budh / Ravi

4th Unoccupied

5th Unoccupied

6th Rahu

7th Unoccupied

8th Unoccupied

9th Shani / Chandra / Mangal

10th Brihaspati

11th Unoccupied

12th Ketu

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For kalasarpa dosha, all the planets should be placed between RAHU AND KETU. Even the presence of a single planet outside or with Rahu or ketu cancells or milds the kalasarpa dosha.

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