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Urgent Help needed... Cesarean Surgery...Please Help

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Dear All,


I have enclosed details of our horoscopes including my wife and elder daughter.


My wife is pregnant now (second child); Medical scanning shows as

female baby and Doctors' suggested her to go for Cesarean operation at least two

weeks earlier than normal delivery date. We need to choose a date and time slot

for Cesarean in between December 1 - 30, in Singapore.


Doctors' would perform Cesarean during week-days (Monday to Friday) from 9 AM to

5 PM. I am concerned about the child's future and our future. Looking for auspicious timing for birth and timing need to select based on following priority

1. Child's good personal life

2. Career & Health

3. Good for family and parents and siblings

4. Achievements


We need to confirm the schedule to the doctor. Please kindly look into our

horoscopes and suggest us an optimal time and date (two choices) for our child's



This is like deciding a kid's future. So please help me to find the right time.

I'll pray to God for your long life and service to people.

P.S: If any place in Singapore where can help then please guide me.


Thanks and Reg





My birth Details


22 March 1976

03:05 AM

Salem, Tamilnadu, India



My wife's birth details


20 October 1983

01:07 AM

Namakkal, Tamilnadu India



My Son's birth details


18 June 2008

07:16 AM

Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India

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