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I lost it all...again

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Dear Friends and Revered Gurujans,




My Birth Detail is December 10, 1982, Calcutta, India at 3:37 AM IST


I had been struggling to meet both ends throughout my life being under the influence of Rahu Mahadasha. However April 2009 brought a new hope for me when my Rahu Mahadasha ended and I was under Brihaspathy Mahadasha. I was struggling to be an Interior Designer. After that I did get some projects, basically pea-nuts. But I welcomed whatever came my way since I did not have any work. I thought something is better than nothing. I did get two good projects and was quite at pace with my work.


However, every time I get a project, I tend to spend the money. Somehow or the other the money escapes from my hand and again I find myself in square one. I always gave every such occasion a chance and tried to save as much as I can in the next project. But then something happens and I am drained out of my savings.


I have a project on the verge of completion and I can clearly see that my outstanding in the market in his account is more than the sum of money the client is left to pay me. It's not a loss. I have already spent the profit, rather more than that.


This time I am literally back-broken. I don't understand where did I spend the money. And it's not the first time. It happens always.


I have lost interest in my work. Don't feel like doing anything. I am just wasting my time away like a teenager who's not sure of what to do in life. I just waste my time on watching new electronic gadgets or reading or taking photos from my camera.


I wear a Yellow Sapphire(Bankok origin) and a Burmanese Pearl. I was advised to propitiate Lord Brihaspathy and so I worship him on Thursdays and pray to Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Godess Parvati/Durga, Sai Baba, Lord Dakshinamurthy daily.


Please save my wrecking ship.



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Dear Respected Gurujis,


Am I so unfortunate that I cant even get a reply, a word of console from anyone. I am told that my Kanya Rashi and my Name Chart both are under the influence of Shani Sade Sati. However Shani is a very favorable planet for me. Then why am I a FAILURE in Life...Please guide...

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dear friend,

i am new to this web site and iam learning astro.iam not so expert in this.i would like to share some points what i could analyze after reading ur chart.

ur 10 th lord is in 12 th house .this is causing trouble to ur carrier.

my advise is:

1.do japam,homam and danam for moon and guru


the following remedies;

1.wear sandal powder or turmeric as thilakam on ur fore head daily after taking bath.

2. worship dakshina murthy every Thurs day and distribute chana (bengal gram) in the temple atleast for 16 days or 16 thurs days or whenevr it is possible to u.

3.do gurucharithra parayanam or shiridi sai charithra parayanam and aadithyahridaya parayanam daily.

4.take blessings from ur eleders very often.

5.friend..i don't think yellow saphire suits u.becuse guru is athi papi for ur lagna.gems should be worn only to positive grahas.please consult a good gem stone person and wear it.till then better not to wear it.

5.worship ganesha and shiva.


all the best..regards

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