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Chakras in Dreams Spiritual Experiences

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Hi I was initiated into Asthamahamantra some months ago, I was doing jap as told by my guru. The onething I used to follow other than regular jap is chanting Om Namo Narayanaya mentally every second after the day of initiation. One day at 2.00 p.m before going to sleep I prayed mentally to Narayana that he should appear in my form so that I can see his divine form and meditate on that.After that I went to sleep. Before this dream , I was meditating on four arm picture of MahaVishnu . In the dream, there was a sudden appearance of Chakra which was much brighter than sun and there was some type of mantras in the background (I don,t remember it properly and I didn,t understand it) and there was also a sound of shanka. I tried to speak with that chakra and I tried to get up but I was unable to do so. I was also unable to see anything in my dream for initial few mins when that chakra appeared. I am unable to express that situation , u can say that i was dumbstruck. Then I woke up and realised it was a dream. I thought I should tell to my guru,but I was afraid.There is also a change in my character after that dream, I refuse to speak unnecessarily now, there is some type of burning feeling in my chest sometimes. My friends say that i have become a introvert. Is this common in mantra practice or is this a result of doing something wrong in mantra practice.I am confused in my mind as I am just 20 yrs old and I have not studied any Vedas,I just followed my guru's teachings as purely as I can. If this is a sign of wrong then what should I do.Pls clarify or share if any of you have similar experiences.

There is also one thing I should say that there is a feeling inside me that I just cannot stop that mantra reciting mentally, my brain starts it automatically when I wake up in the morning till the night, I believe I even recite it in sleep.Is that wrong or are there any specific rules for reciting that mantra.

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Dear Brother,


It is good to know you are spiritual , and you are seeking the truth. let me tell you one thing every seeker or yogi first needs to have his self realisation, that is yoga which you can have it sahaja yoga, can check sahajayoga.org and visit the centers its free then you will find all the answers to your question. reciting mantra all the time and on its own is not good sign, you have gone to your extreme. once you get connected you can become your own master. Till that time all effort is waste. any more doubts feel free to ask

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Obviously, Lord NArAyaN blessed you, see how particular and diligent He is. Your prayer was sincere, so he blessed you. Now don't start jumping it will affect ego - although i think you are keeping it in good control.


Introversion is a good sign. The idea is to minimize prajalpa / jalpa = unnecessary talk. I say always - HarinAm IS Silence.


I personally prefer silent japa to aloud - big difference. It is also said in shastra : Silent manan and jap is the higher form, but beginners are adviced loud jap so as to use the voice as a vehicle to concentrate.


Keep going


Jai Shri KrushNa ~



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Dear vsk and smaranam,

First thanks for ur response. It was quite unexpected actually I thought no one would reply and had stopped coming to this thread. For vsk sir, thanks for ur invitation but I think I have found my eternal guru and the way to achieve moksha. The first time I posted I did not know many things , but I am more mature and have pursued rigorous studying under the best possible guru one can ever have,now I know my past births,what I was and what is my duty in this birth. The only thing my guru told me was not to reveal intricate details of pst sadhana.And for smaranam sir, I agree with ur point and I have always performed astakshara japa silently in mind silently and I have never chanted it aloud.Offcourse I got some ego when I got siddhi,but it was removed quickly by the grace of guru and srimannarayana.And for vsk sir,I do not want to join any organization as its another bandha.I want to remain anonymous and in seclusion and practice my sadhana.Anyway thanks for all your advice and may the almighty shower his grace on everyone.

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